FAC Chorus 1.3 Updated To Deliver Thick BBD Style Sounds

Developer Fred Anton Corvest has updated FAC Chorus to version 1.3.

FAC Chorus is a chorus effect for iOS, designed to simulate the characteristics of classic chorus modules, but with the flexibility of customizing the main components involved in the signal path.

FAC Chorus v1.3 provides a new ‘Thick’ character, emulating the behaviour of BBD’s, but without the typical noise that comes with BBD chips.

“This is handy when the warm character is required, but without the lovely spacy noise,” notes Corvest. “To get the orignal tone, the previous ‘Thick’ mode has been relabeled as ‘BBD’.

In addition, the new version adds support of view configuration management, which is currently only implemented in GarageBand.

Pricing and Availability

FAC Chorus is available now via the App Store.

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