Crazy8 Beats Rhythm Sequencer Now Available

Twisted Electrons let us know that the Crazy8 Beats, an analog + MIDI rhythm sequencer, is now available.


  • 8 Hybrid Analog/MIDI Tracks
    • 8 MIDI tracks, 3 MIDI ports (1 In & 2 Out)
    • 8 Analog Trigger outputs
  • Variable Accent/CV output per step
  • MIDI velocity amount, CC modulation, or both per step.
  • 8BIT 0-5V Analog CV output per step
  • Trigger input/output to sync Crazy8Beats to other devices
  • MIDI input to receive MIDI clock and set up parameters
  • MIDI Clock sent on both ports
  • 16 patterns per track
  • Up to 16 steps per pattern
  • Individual patterns change per voice (or all at once)
  • Up to 16 patterns can be chained to create a song
  • 4 play modes per track (forward, reverse,ping pong, random)
  • Copy, Paste, Clearing of patterns
  • 8 Levels of Swing per track
  • Crazy feature enables probability and live remixing of patterns
  • Rhythmic Drill effect with variable rate
  • 16 Pads can be used to punch record patterns live or program visually.
  • The pads are backlit to provide visual feedback of the pattern you are programming and the tracks that are active.
  • 64 Step LEDs enable you to see 4 tracks advance at any time.

Pricing and Availability

Crazy8 Beats is available now for €303.00 ex VAT.

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