Dreadbox + Polyend Medusa Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

Dreadbox shared this sneak preview of the upcoming Medusa synthesizer, a collaboration with Polyend.

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” they note.

They haven’t shared any details on the new instrument yet, but our understanding is that it will combine Dreadbox’s analog synth design with Polyend’s sequencing capabilities.

24 thoughts on “Dreadbox + Polyend Medusa Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

  1. From what polyend guys said on namm, it’s going to be way more than just sequencing from their side. It’s going to be whole digital manipulation system from polyend on dreadbox analog voices and probably way more. I was excited when they were talking about it then, now when I see the pictures I’m freaking out already. When it’s going to be available?

  2. It looks like it’s evolved quite a bit from the photoshop mockup they shared in July (that is listed in the related links).

    Here’s the specs that were announced back then:


    All Analog Circuit developed by Dreadbox
    Midi to CV, Sequencer and Arpeggiator developed by Polyend
    64 step Sequencer that can store the Filter’s Cut off, Modulation Wheel and Velocity values, with a memory of 7 sequences
    Arpeggiator with Up, Up-Down, 2 Octave Up, 2 Octave Down, 2 Octave Up-Down or Played Order
    3 Classic Dreadbox VCOs:
    2x osc with saw, pulse or triangle wave
    1x osc with advanced wave forming (7 different waveforms)
    A brand new 12dB/oct Filter design with variable thickness (active for frequencies 110Hz and below)
    A dedicated Attack, Decay/Release, Sustain Envelope Generator to the Filter and the Amp
    A Simple and Easy to use Modulation section
    You can Polychain multiple units and achieve Polyphony
    8 patch points for ‘Eurorack experience’

    Wonder if they’ll still hit $429 pricepoint with polyend involved. Doubtful.

  3. Pretty.

    https://www.dreadbox-fx.com/medusa/ says it’ll be available in May, 2018. And nothing else.

    This Synthtopia post from last July has more detail and a price of 429€ but the design looks entirely different in this preview so I’m not sure I’d trust any of those details at this point (features or price). Or maybe they’ll come out with two—one with the big grid sequencer in this preview, one with the SH style sequencer hinted at in the initial announcement? http://www.synthtopia.com/content/2017/07/11/dreadbox-intros-429-e-medusa-monophonic-synthesizer/

  4. i’ve heard from someone that knows them that its a 6 vco paraphonic synth..
    I ‘m just hoping its a poly not a para for under 2k $
    I ‘ ve also seen somewhere they had announce 499$?? Really doubt that..

  5. Woah if that’s true, paraphonic would be amazing, I think dreadbox nail things with their sound but I tend to avoid modules. Just unimportant personal preference that doesn’t really matter much, but this just looks super amazing. I hope it allows much more pattern storage than seven patterns though, it would possibly make the difference for if people rely on it as a main performance synth or not

  6. There are some new informations about Medusa from Polyend: “Initial arrangements between companies assumed adding a simple sequencer to our company to the synthesizer Dreadbox. (…) Our instrument will be able to produce a very wide range of sounds and in no way try to direct it to one specific track. (…) We do not plan an Overbridge option. Medusa will take the form of an analog “hardware tabletop synthesizer”, probably for various reasons described as Hybrid. It will be equipped with a full set of MIDI ports, so working with any type of software that supports midi is really an option (…) – full text on: https://estradaistudio.pl/mieszanka/30075-czego-spodziewac-sie-po-medusie

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