4 thoughts on “Sampling With An E-mu Emulator

  1. It may have been simple on the first step, but trying to trim out those bumpy loop points was generally a nightmare, pre-Kontakt or whatever. That’s why they sold a ton of factory diskettes for the old Mirage. There was Mac software for editing it, but it was so clumsily first-gen that we blew it off for better effects pedals to help the old 8-bit plowhorse along. Paolo makes me grin at having everything on flash drives and SSDs now. Floppy disks made me want to use them as skeet. PULL! *BLAM!*

  2. I had an E-mu – Emax II (rack) decades ago when I was young,dumb and full of pimples! It had a scuzzy hard-drive +extra RAM.
    I knew the theory of sampling but didn’t have any practical experience, so just used the factory disks.

    Ended up selling it for next to nothing :-/

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