How To Use An MPC X With A Modular Synthesizer

Akai Pro shared this video demo that takes a look at the control voltage features of the MPC X, which let you sequence and control modular synthesizers and other analog gear:

“Learn how to set up a CV track, configure the 8 CV outputs, use a MIDI controller with your CV-controllable gear, and record a sequence.

We start with a basic “east coast” patch and move on to some more esoteric examples. After all, everyone builds modular systems to suit their own tastes in workflow and sonic goals.”

If you’re using an MPC X, leave a comment and share how it fits into your system!

4 thoughts on “How To Use An MPC X With A Modular Synthesizer

  1. Hey Akai the X needs a really good complex Arpeggiator very badly , even the 5000 had a decent one .
    What are you waiting for it would be so dope .

    1. yea. inmusic sould have come up with a workstation-like board long ago, w/ mpc-style sequencing and, yup, keys instead of pads. the onboard synth of the 5k was quite decent, actually. unfortunately they decided only to produce gear for the sampling fanboys. i would buy a workstation mpc w/ 61 keys and internal synth sounds in a nanosecond.

  2. When the drums came in at the end, I realized I was way off on what I thought the first beat was. I love it when that happens on tracks. I need to figure out how to do it on purpose.

  3. I use the mpc X with modular. But i think it definetly needs an arpeggiator and the cvs ports should be able to send more complex signals such as envelopes and lfos. That should be simple since it already has these features on drum mode.

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