Free Music From Benge

Free Music Friday: Synthesist Benge has has shared his latest album, Tone Flow, as a name-your-price download (no minimum).

Here’s what he has to say about it:

Due to the temporal nature of music, it can be said that there are two ways of perceiving it.

On the one hand (the Lagrangian specification) the listener may allow themselves to be carried along with the music, as a leaf might be carried along when landing upon a stream of water.

On the other hand (the Eulerian specification), it is also possible to perceive the flowing music as a rock might experience the stream, allowing the water to move around it in a continuously changing and immersive flow.

You can preview the album below or at Bandcamp:

Benge notes that these instruments were used on the album:

Moog 3C, Emu and Polyfusion Modular synthesisers, Moog 12 Stage Phaser, Korg DSS sampler (used to sample sustained tones from the Moog 3C), Roland Space Echo 201, Bel BD80S delay unit, EMT 140 reverb, Dual Moog 900 and EML 400 analog sequencers, Emu Digital Memory Sequencer.

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