Elektron Transfer Update Adds Bi-Directional Sample Transfer

Elektron has released an update to Transfer, its utility for copying managing samples on its devices, adding support for backing up your samples.

Here’s what’s new in Transfer 1.1.0:

  • Added Explore page, where device file system can be browsed side-by-side with the computer file
    system in a two-column layout.
  • Bi-directional sample transfers now supported, meaning sample files can be transferred also from
    device to computer (for backup purposes).
  • Device files and folders can now be renamed and deleted from Transfer. Deletion of non-empty
    folders is also supported.
  • Transfer can now be connected to multiple devices simultaneously, for device-to-device transfers
    (using the Explore page).
  • Transfers are faster.
  • UI polished for improved clarity and usability

It’s a free download via the Elektron site.

27 thoughts on “Elektron Transfer Update Adds Bi-Directional Sample Transfer

  1. Elektron is still keeping MK1 users in the dark and at very low priority. I’ve owned the RYTM MK1 for 3 years and still cannot back it up. They have been telling us (MK1 users) that this would be available nearly a year ago………before MK2 was even announced.
    I’m growing very tired of Elektron’s poor marketing/delivery/communication

    1. I dont want to be a jerk here. But to be honest… I dont think you ever will see your update. Elektron is about making fast money now and there is no money in updating legacy products..

      1. I dont want to be a jerk here. But to be honest. you seemed to have forgotten the Analog Four/Analog Keys updates, which have been massive, adding Overbridge, polyphony, trig locks, etc, etc, etc.

          1. They killed off the MnM and MD a while ago now. I don’t think it is reasonable to expect continued support on product lines that have ceased – especially when they were jam packed with features and very robust in operation.

          2. Read the thread at Elektronauts. All Transfer 1.1 functionality confirmed for MK1 in a further update. Complain all you like but there aren’t many alternatives offering anything near the capability of a MK1 rytm.

            1. But the users who has shown support and helped making Elektron what it is today is feeling left behind and I think that is the point from above answers.

    2. Yeah right, we’ll surely get MK1 support around the same time the Octatrack gets the new sequencer features.

      That is to say NEVER.

      Best to enjoy your box for what it is, because it ain’t ever getting updated.

    3. I still have a vague hope they will fully pull their finger out and really surprise us with sampling on the Mk1 Rytm

    4. If I were Elektron marketologist, I would indeed step up their game and so that not to leave you stranded, present you an elegant solution to your problem (backing samples on RYTM up), which goes:

      1. Buy an Octatrack.
      2. Connect RYTM to your Octatrack.
      3. Play / preview all samples one-by-one on RYTM while having Record activated on Octa.
      4. Your samples are backed on SD card!

      Like this, you A) solve a problem B) support a young company C) do not really lose anything, I mean $1349 would barely get you a 2018 sport car.

      YW; Do not thank me!

    1. The software is called Transfer, which is only for the newer products. The rest got the crappy C4 program for transferring.

  2. And of course no support for MK1 RYTM. This is functionality that had been promised since the release of the RYTM yet still has not come to fruition. Thank goodness for SDS Drop.

    1. SDS drop works well for my rytm mkI

      admittedly you have to pay for it as it was developed by an individual not associated with elektron

      but if you want sample transfer for the mkI its great

  3. MK1 is only sample playback, why would you need to send them back to the computer? Just back up your samples. If im missing something, then this would be a great update to the original.

    1. Mk1 owner here…
      Don’t you think that synths and drummachines live longer than computers and their sample libraries?
      What if someone breaks theirs and gets a new one – without backup there’s no restoring.

      1. It when you consider google drive which has been housing my sample library for years. And external hard drives. Had one since 2006, Macon. Still has all my legally acquired movies, wink wink.

        1. Yeah, I’ve got synths from not too long ago but from 80s. Google drive could get down any moment anything better gets along and once that happens google is history.

  4. Hmmmmmmm, it’s really about 25% of the update I need since I went ahead and filled up the paltry hard drive with samples and I want to delete ONLY the samples that aren’t triggered by a sequence, without having to manually write them down and cross them off a list.

    They might have a nice product if they figure out a decent file management system (let us export the projects with all the requisite samples intact), but my Digitakt sits idle since I’m pretty much stuck waiting for Overbridge to do anything valuable with my existing projects and it took me all of 2 weeks to fill up the hard drive.

    How about also unlocking all the sounds I never use so I can just delete them?

    1. I think you are set for disappointment if you expect Overbridge to deliver a full file management system. It may deliver something a little easier to use in your scenario but I wouldn’t count on it.

      1. Overbridge promises to deliver all 8 tracks simultaneously over USB. That would be a close second to what I really want.

        However, I feel the file management system is essential due to the components they chose. They easily could have gave the Digitakt 4 or 8 gb of space and file management wouldn’t be such an issue.

  5. Elektron is saying in their forum that Mk1 Rytm will be supported. It just needs an OS update. It will be useful for backing up projects to transfer everything back to the computer at once instead of keeping track of which samples were uploaded to which project beforehand. Faster too.

  6. Elektron forgot all it AR1 users with updating the OS to use this software.
    version 1 is on OS1.31B and AR2 is OS1.40 they told online to keep the OS versions the same between units 1 and 2

    Stop forgetting the users that MAKE ELEKTRON BIG!

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