Superbooth 2018 Schedule Details Announced

Superbooth, the Berlin-based trade fair for electronic musical instruments, today announced the schedule for its upcoming event.

In addition to featuring close to 250 exhibitors from all over the world, Superbooth hosts over twenty concerts and “Gesprachskonzerte” each day, along with panel discussions, workshops and more.

Some concert highlights of Superbooth 2018 (which will be May 3 – 5 at the FEZ), are indoor and outdoor musical performances throughout the day and into the evening by Caterina Barbieri on a modern Eurorack modular system and Leon Michener on a prepared grand piano, Carolina Eyck on the Theremin, Tobi Neumann and Fadi with an ambient performance, and Udo Hanten on a 5U modular system.

Nighttime performances range from shows by #instantboner, T.Raumschmiere & FucketYbUcKetY and many others. Max Loderbauer, who was on the SUPERBOOTH17 stage last year together with Ricardo Villalobos, will play together with Tobias Freund as NSI this year.

Superbooth also hosts DIY synth workshops, panel discussions and gear demonstrations all day long, each day of the event. The full schedule is available on the Superbooth website.

Last year at Superbooth, new synths by Novation (Peak) and Behringer (the Model D clone), as well as modules from Doepfer and Bastl, among other manufacturers, made their debut. Check out the list of participating exhibitors at this year’s Superbooth at the event site.

Here are some of the highlights from last year’s event:

Tickets. Advance Superbooth tickets are available through May 2. Rates are for €30/day (which includes admission to the nighttime performances) or €89 for all three days of the event. Evening-only tickets are also available for €12/day. Ticket information is available on the Superbooth site, along with information for vendors.

One thought on “Superbooth 2018 Schedule Details Announced

  1. Hoping to hear (and see) new ideas and/or new progress from Future Artists (, who seem to be following their MIDI Looper hardware with something they’re calling a MIDI Platform, designed to integrate a control surface (buttons, knobs) with MIDI generator resources (arpeggio, looping, step sequencing, CC LFOs, etc) other filtration/utility (zone split, clock divider, etc) for some kind of modular midi routing.

    Sound exciting.

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