Korg Gadget Now Available For Nintendo Switch

Korg has announced that Gadget, a virtual studio previously released for desktop and iOS, is now available for Nintendo Switch.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Award-winning music creation software KORG Gadget is now available for the Nintendo Switch. Plentiful instrumental gadgets combined with a simple and intuitive graphical interface enable speedy music creation. With this new music creation studio, one can create and perform music by actively twisting and turning the Joy-Con™.

There is also a multi-player mode in which up to four people can collaborate in making music. Connect via an HDMI cable to enjoy playing on the TV in your living room, or use it with a projector for big live performances. Everyone can enjoy this new game-like DAW experience.

Audio Demo:

Pricing and Availability

Korg Gadget for Nintendo Switch is available for US $48 in the Nintendo eShop.

15 thoughts on “Korg Gadget Now Available For Nintendo Switch

  1. please read about this app before buying!
    there have been a lot of confirmed reports of crucial things missing
    like export, midi, touch screen control of knobs…


    now these feature should be forthcoming hopefully on account of them already being included with the iOS version but we will have to wait and see

    I only wish this app hadn’t been crippled on release

  2. Korg made a good move….thinking out of the box here. Korg gadget might not be perfect but it sounds great.
    Come on Propellerheards. Reason for IOS…..it would be great.

    1. I know, if Reason worked on hardware from nearly 20 years ago, and Thor works great on the iPad already, there is really no …reason… why the whole DAW couldn’t run decently on an iOS device. 😀

      The pricing may be a challenge, though.

      That being said, I’m kind of into Gadget coming into its own, which it might not have done as easily had Reason, Live, and Logic been available on iOS.

  3. Oh my. This looks so incredibly hard to use without a touchscreen.

    Love Gadget on the iPad, but on the switch, no thanks.

      1. Thanks for the info. I actually had no idea it has a touchscreen.

        They certainly don’t emphasize that in the video above, as almost all of the controlling and editing is being done with joysticks and buttons.

  4. Great idea Korg! This will get a kid or two into electronic music for sure, and that’s never a bad thing.

    If everything is included in the $48 price (and it seems to be) then it’s a pretty good deal for what it is. It looks like it could be fun. I wouldn’t expect Korg to include all of the external connectivity like exporting or MIDI, though it’d be cool to be able to share your creations. Touch control of the knobs would have been nice too, but kids will make it work regardless and have fun at the same time.

    I think Korg looks at this as a creative revenue stream for code they’ve already written, and the goal was not to appeal to pros or even hobbyist-level musicians. This is for kids and young adults that want to try making music themselves. Besides, if they gave this the same functionality as the IOS apps they’d have a lot of people upset that they spent a couple hundred in in-app purchases for the full Gadget vs $48 for the Switch users.

    It’s a great gift idea! I hope it sells well for them.

  5. Oh this is kind of magical. I have been a fan of Korg’s Nintendo apps for some time: DS-10+, M01D, DSN-12, etc. are some if my favorite “games” on Nintendo’s handhelds. And of course the Switch works in both handheld mode and docked to a TV/monitor.

    I wonder if it works with the Labo cardboard keyboard?! 😀

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