New App Brings Virtual Reality Music Collaboration To Ableton Live

AliveInVR – a virtual reality MIDI controller for Ableton Live, has been updated with a new collaboration feature, SocialVR.

Here’s what SocialVR brings to AliveInVR:

  • Collaborate on or view a session, trigger clips together or watch a performance in VR.
  • The host of the VR session runs the Ableton session. All other players get a high quality audio feed from the host and can also interact and chat, as well as invite friends to the session through Steam.
  • Audio is routed into AliveInVR by a custom ASIO driver that is included with the app.
  • Anyone in the session can trig clips/scenes/edit the step sequencer. In addition,the host of the session can perform realtime instruments and drum racks.


  • Perform, Collaborate or Spectate on Ableton sessions using the AliveInVR controllerist interface
  • High quaility networked audio for the music
  • Voice chat
  • Choose your own Avatar with IK motion control
  • Supports all high end VR systems

Pricing and Availability

AliveInVR is available now in the Steam store for 12,99€.

2 thoughts on “New App Brings Virtual Reality Music Collaboration To Ableton Live

  1. Looks like the crude early days of something that may one day mature. And we can look back at this video the way we look back at early Mac computer commercials… “You can draw a picture.”

    This really provides some opportunities for people who can’t be around other people for one reason or another.

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