Erica Synths Debuts Techno System At Superbooth 2018

At Superbooth 2018, Erica Synths introduced their new Techno System, a collection of Eurorack modules designed for techno.

The Techno System features 15 modules, including drum modules, effects and a sequencer module.

We talked with Erica Synths head Girts Ozolins about the new system, with special help from KODEK.

See the Erica Synths site for details.

15 thoughts on “Erica Synths Debuts Techno System At Superbooth 2018

  1. Techno? LOL! It seems the Erica engineers suffer from historical amnesia. Techno music officially died on the 24th of July 2010, when a crowd disaster happened at the 2010 Love Parade electronic dance music festival in Duisburg, Germany. It caused the death of 21 people from suffocation. At least 500 more were injured. Ask (former) techno acts like Westbam, Carl Cox, or Laurent Garnier. They would all confirm that.

    1. whats wrong with you? Techno is more alive then ever… make your hip hop and leave the good music for us…

      1. Don’t worry, he is like the “my Electribe 2 is better, screen-wise…” kid. The same copy/paste comment under every “Techno” post.

  2. Seems to be mostly a Nava 909 cut into individual modules and mounted in eurorack. + Bass line and sampler, I know. Still, hardly a complete “techno” system. Compare to eg. Ansome’s eurorack setup.

  3. It sounds like it should, but that a genre can be captured in a mere 15 modules also shows just how formulaic (this particular strand of) techno has become. But whining aside, can somebody please clone the Pearl Syncussion SY-1 into Eurorack?

  4. The Erica Synths guys are modular gods. They decided one day that theyโ€™d like some techno modules, so they come up with a complete collection of 15!

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