IK Multimedia Syntronik Deluxe At Superbooth 2018

At Superbooth 2018, we talked with IK Multimedia’s Erik Norlander about Syntronik Deluxe for Mac, Windows & iOS.

Syntronik Deluxe includes 5 new virtual instruments:

  • Memory-V, based on the Memorymoog;
  • SH-V, based on two classic Roland monosynths, the SH-5 and SH-2;
  • M-Poly, based on the Mono/Poly and Polysix;
  • VCF3, based on the EMS VCS3; and
  • Modulum, a custom design created with Modular Moog, EMS VCS3 and Alesis Andromeda.

Syntronik Deluxe adds 500 new instrument presets, 18GB of new sounds, and more than 22,000 new samples for a new total of 22 synths, 2,600 instrument presets, 80GB of sound content and more than 120,000 samples.

Pricing and availability

New users can get Syntronik Deluxe for $/€399.99. Users of the current Syntronik can upgrade to Syntronik Deluxe and add all 5 new synths for €/$99.99. Crossgrade options are also available. Syntronik for iOS is available as a free dowload, with in-app purchases for the Deluxe version or for individual synths.

See the IK Multimedia site for details.


9 thoughts on “IK Multimedia Syntronik Deluxe At Superbooth 2018

    1. Yes on the first seven words and no on the eigth. A lot of platinum records have been made and Grammy awards won over the years with sample based “sh*t”

      1. Cool Grammy awards for using samples “great time we live in”… Maybe these grammy winners should check on behringers affordable synth line 😛

        1. Yeah I’ll be sure to call up Greg Phillinganes, Steve Pocaro, Michael Bodiker, David Paich, and the rest and let em know lol

    1. Lol – Uli’s going to have to work a lot harder if you think people are going to stop buying soft synths.

      You can get one monosynth from Behringer for this price – but nobody is going to make real music like that. They’re going to continue to use real instruments and virtual instrument collections like this, or the Arturia and Native Instrument counterparts.

      Behringer is making trinkets for synth collectors on a tight budget. And he’ll probably sell a ton, like Korg did with the Volca’s. But nobody used the volcas to make real music – the volcas were were synth trinkets, and Uli is going to be the king of the synth trinket market.

  1. I think a few people miss the point of these group packages. First, I’ve played a lot of the hardware and most of the modeled/sampled things sound darned accurate. My Korg MonoPoly Legacy sounds very much like the hardware version I had first. They’ll never be 100% like the real thing, cranking out warm distortions and subtle overtones, but they’re generally good. Second, one likely part of the user base is someone who uses software like this to have a broader historical reach they could never manage in hardware, focusing their buys on just a few serious have-to-haves like a Nord A1 or a modest Eurorack. Third, synthesis means “to assemble from varied components.” We’re clearly up to our eyebrows in “varied.” Besides, Nordlander is a power player. If he says the attention to detail was handled with care, you can trust his ear to be acceptably discerning. Synth on, Garth.

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