13 thoughts on “Polyend + Dreadbox Medusa Synthesizer At Superbooth 2018

    1. Wonder if the one track is choice between internal and external. Hope the firmware can be updated for multi-track.

      1. No, just one sequencer track for both internal and external patch. It’s limited because later on there will be a standalone Grid controller/sequencer with probably 64 track sequencers.

  1. I can see a great potential here. Is the sequencer up to 64 steps? Will all parameters be MIDI CC-able?

  2. if it does external MIDI thats great… but Im well interested in this alone as it is, ive got enough boxes for other stuff to cover all the bases

    along with the powers of this snake headed goddess… yeh thats all she wrote fellas

  3. Can we get it without sequencer for half price? It will be smaller, because I don’t need a device specific version of Push.

    1. You can’t obviously, the functionality of the synthesizer without the Grid would be badly cut. It’s not just a internal MPE controller, it’s a sequencer, it hold’s the presets, it’s a modulation matrix. What does the Medusa’s Grid has in common with Push in your opinion, besides the look and form factor?

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