54HP ‘Bass Monster’ Analog Synthesizer

The latest episode of Perfect Circuit Audio‘s 54HP series, Bass Monster, explores a compact take on the traditional analog synth voice.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“Bass Monster” is the sixth 54HP case and it is built to be a traditional subtractive synthesizer voice with a few extra tricks. Instead of an analog noise generator the VCNO can generate multiple noise sounds to be added with the oscillators or used for percussion sounds.

The mixer, filter and extra VCAs all have boost and saturation effects for adding dirt and distortion, or boosting line to modular levels the way the Volca Beats is boosted in the video. The multiple envelopes and VCAs can also be used to generate drum sounds or do amplitude modulation or analog FM.

To finish the Case off is the DPLR which is an interesting dual delay with an adjustable filter and crosstalk for many different delay sounds.

Module List:

  • Hexinverter VCNO
  • Intellijel Dixie II+ x2
  • Manhattan Analog DTM
  • Frequency Central CEMvelope x2
  • Dave Smith Curtis Filter
  • XAOC Tallin

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