Synthstrom Audible Deluge 2.0 At Superbooth 2018

At Superbooth 2018, Synthstrom was previewing Deluge Firmware 2.0, a major update for the powerful workstation synthesizer and sampler.

New features include:

  • ARRANGER – Synthstrom says it will be the most powerful and flexible song arranging mode of any modern hardware sequencer.
  • VIRTUAL-ANALOG SYNTH ENGINE IMPROVEMENTS – New analog-modeled filter “drive” and oscillator types.
  • MEMORY MANAGEMENT IMPROVED 30-FOLD – since firmware V1.2.0 added the streaming of all samples directly from the SD card, the Deluge’s 64MB RAM chip has been underutilized. With firmware V2.0, this memory is shared with the Deluge’s general functions, making around
  • 30x more working memory available for your song and its tracks, synths, notes and parameter automation.
  • CPU EFFICIENCY – Major overhaul of Deluge’s audio and synth engine for significantly improved CPU efficiency (by 30-50%).

Synthstrom expects the update to be available sometime in June 2018.

See the Synthstrom site for details.

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11 thoughts on “Synthstrom Audible Deluge 2.0 At Superbooth 2018

  1. > Synthstrom says it will be the most
    > powerful song arranging mode

    lol, that is a laughable statement. build a damn DIS-PLAAAAAY, for god´s sake! my electribes 2 and 2s work lightyears easier, gui-wise. get this: you can name things.

    1. I’ve got an electribe 2s as well, but just having a better screen doesn’t make it more user friendly than the deluge. In fact I find the electribe cumbersome. The deluge is light years ahead. Especially when it comes to sampling.
      The deluge actually has a microphone. Hallelujah!!
      If you haven’t already, watch the walkthrough videos on synthstrums site.
      It’s an amazing machine

  2. What I don’t get is these guys made an awesome device yet totally forgot about the marketing side of things.

    Why don’t they pay some amazing talent to create some nice youtube videos or something?

    Almost every song with the Deluge on the web was very below my expectations. (my expectations are high btw)

    And get this thing in stores through distributors asap!

    In some of the videos they talks about it costing more but that’s not really true if you ask me.
    The Deluge should be in every music store out there. Having it in the stores next to all the other devices is the best marketing a company could wish for. Not doing it is kinda dumb specially devices that light up like a christmas tree and creates attention from miles away.

    1. “Why don’t they pay some amazing talent to create some nice youtube videos or something?”

      You do that when you want to increase sales. I think Synthstrom has been selling these as fast as they can make them.

    2. Synthstrom is essentially a two-man operation. If you have any concrete ideas for feasibly getting the Deluge into ‘every music store out there’, I’m sure they’d love to hear from you. They could partner with a markter/distributor like Waldorf did with Korg in the US, but I don’t think they’re ready for that sort of commitment yet.

      They are focusing on the fundamentals. Unlike some bigger synth companies, they are constantly engaged with users on their forums and collaborate on what features should be included in upcoming software updates. It’s a community effort. Jeremy at Red Means Recording, Gaz at SonicState, and cuckoo all seemed legitimately excited about the device during the recent Superbooth firmware 2.0 demos, so we may start to see more of the device in the wild soon after their glowing recommendations.

      They are attempting to make a device so good that it sells itself. I personally think they are succeeding.

    3. Of course it will cost more if in stores. Adding on distributor and retail margins will make it a lot more than it costs to buy from them direct. How do you not understand that?

      1. Well, to be fair, you can get the most Novation gear cheaper in stores than directly from them. Sounds silly but is the sad truth.

        However, since there are usually waiting times with the Deluge, I have to agree with AnalOG, they sell more than they can make.

  3. everyone talks about how great the sampling features are but all of the sample based videos of it are terrible…. the other features look great though.

  4. Weird. Apparently it has lots of flashing lights, and “amazing capabilities” to move them in nice straight lines …but doesn’t actually make any sounds.

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