30 Years Later, The Korg M1 Gets A Sonic Upgrade

The Korg M1 was introduced in 1988.

This video offers a sneak preview of WaveReX, a modern PCM expansion option for the classic Korg M1 synthesizer.

WaveReX has the same form factor as the original PCM cards and can very simply be placed in the ROM-slot of the M1. It emulates and copies PCM cards – or enables you to create your own.

This video demonstrates how the WaveReX works and how you can use it to load custom samples with your M1.

Pricing and Availability

The WaveReX system is currently in development. The developers say that the prototype is working ‘smooth and stable’ and that 10 RC (Release Candidate) cards have been created for testing purposes. They expect a production release in late 2018, with a price of approximately 199 € (plus VAT).

The price includes:

  • Hardware (WaveReX card) in a plastic casing
  • Software for construction and loading of own cards (currently Windows-only, but they say a macOS version is planned).
  • A sticker „powered by WaveReX“

See the WaveReX site for more info.

12 thoughts on “30 Years Later, The Korg M1 Gets A Sonic Upgrade

  1. If this is successful, I hope they can do this for the WaveStation too. Always wanted to add custom waveforms to the WaveStation. It’s sad that not even Korg’s software versions allow one to do that.

  2. I love Korg, but you have to be a really brave soldier to nurse an M1 along at this point. Even my 01W gave up the ghost after many good years. A few people will be glad to hear the news, but its a real labor of love to offer the board for a synth of that vintage. Also… Marc, I have the Legacy version and love it, but considering the Wavestation’s OS, if you want to add your own waves to sequence, let us know where you get your free time! That’s just a step below wrestling a DX7.

  3. I have to wonder about some specifics, like how much memory is available, i.e. how long can the samples be?

  4. It would be better if you could do this with the Legacy software or iPad app. Since it’s all digital, not as intriguing. I considered purchasing the Wavestation a while ago but at this point, you’ll have a lot of more fun with the iPad app than messing about sysex, etc.

  5. Totally impressive work but I’m a little lost on why you wouldn’t just use a sampler? Most “vintage” samplers are available for a song and feature the same or more synthesis parameters as an M1.

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