12 thoughts on “Elektron Analog Rytm MKII Trig Conditions Hands-On Demo

  1. I dont know but judging by the lack of interest in these elektron threads lately, i would say that their mkll line may be underselling pretty badly.

    1. judging by the second hand mkI overflowing the market, i´d say mkII be selling very well actually.
      also the update really is more than a sum of it parts. its a much more intuitive product and smoother workflow experience.

  2. I think that’s due in part to a lack of OB plus all the bugs. Also I think it was a mistake to change the form factor. After seeing one in person it’s just so much bigger than my MK1.

  3. Ya, I kept my originals because they dont have the holes on the side to mount them to a rack or tier rack. The Octatrack is the same but more access to functions with buttons, the analog 4 has better bass? and the analog rytm can sample. Thats about it. MK2’s are always weird to me, I think its an attempt to make a few extra bucks off of minimal upgrades to the system, but still…why?

  4. The mkII versions are fairly minor tweaks to the originals, which is a good thing, because it means the firmware updates will trickle down to the mkI owners.

    I’ve been very happily surprised at all the stuff they’ve added to the analog four/keys.

    I wish more companies would keep gear alive longer – you end up with a larger user base, more video demos on YouTube, more sound libraries, etc.

  5. Sold off every Elektron piece that I’ve had cause of their constant lies about overbridge. I know at least 5 people who have done the same. Elektron you used to be a good company too bad you guys got greedy.

    1. Got my Analog Keys in mint condition for under $800 – so thank you to anybody selling off their Elektron gear.

      Always judge your gear by what it can do by when you buy it – not based on company’s future plans. Based on what they can do now, Elektron’s entire line is still way ahead of most other company’s boxes. The Analog boxes are classic and it looks like the Digitone and Digitakt are popular, too.

    2. Thats a pretty weird move, sell off the hardware because the software (thats still in the works) isn’t up to par with your timeline standards? Its not like the gear degraded or depreciated, its still a fantastic piece of hardware and I could never wrap my heard around the computer connection. Besides automation, and audio over USB, what massive benefit was overbridge to these pieces. I mean, you really don’t need it to use the hardware but the complaints make it seem like its necessary for the boxes to even turn on. Its not a car, and gas is not Overbridge.

      1. It’s a bit like complaining about Emu Sp1200, it’s only got midi..the lazy whine people make about all this…BS. This Mk2 rytm is the alpha male of the drum sampler world

  6. Love the new MKII. It really is the same device in a different package but simply angling it up a bit makes a big difference that I’m happy with…, The size increase makes it easier to use. The pads are way more responsive and playable (although i did kind of get used the MK I pads) . Tweaks to eliminate some button presses are pretty helpful and the lighting on the sequencer is way easier to see….

    I always thought these boxes are a bit pricey but that’s the way it is..

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