Abstrakt Instruments Announces Oberheim OB-X Expansion & Replacement Parts Project

Abstrakt Instruments has announced a Kickstarter project to fund production of new Oberheim OB-X expansion kits & replacement parts.

It’s a rare opportunity to get parts to expand and enhance the classic analog polyphonic synth.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

This is your chance to help fund and procure parts for the iconic Oberheim OB-X synthesizer. This is a passion project which came about through product development & engineering.

We have built and tested numerous assemblies from our favorite vintage synths for the purpose of studying the intricacies of each design. After testing, these parts are generally used in our in-house machines or neatly stored away.

In the case of the OB-X, employees & visitors alike were asking to remake these parts. Since we are not in the primary business of selling parts or kits it took some convincing.

These designs are completely finished. We’ve established a goal of $10k to make sure we have enough quantity to hit our pricing targets. If the goal is reached at the end of the funding period, we will immediately send out for the parts to be made. We do not anticipate offering these parts for sale in the future.

This project is more of a give-back to the vintage synth community as opposed to a practical money-making venture.

The OB-X synthesizer parts available include:

  • OBX Voice Card PCB
  • OBX Voice Card PCB Assembly
  • OBX Motherboard PCB
  • OBX Motherboard PCB Assembly
  • OBX Motherboard Tray
  • OBX 4-Voice Expansion Kit
  • OBX 8-Voice Kit
  • OBX Filter Control Board Assembly

14 thoughts on “Abstrakt Instruments Announces Oberheim OB-X Expansion & Replacement Parts Project

  1. How is this connected (if in any way) to the crOwBX?
    It seems a little better documented but I don’t see any support forum for the builders… anyone already built a project by abstract instruments and can elaborate?

  2. I’m pretty sure it’s not related to the crowbx at all. It’s the abstrakt instruments guys. These are just OB-X parts, with some extra features that were added. They’re selling them completely assembled as an option. I was at their shop about 6 weeks ago picking up my avalon and I saw the OB-X and these parts were going to be releasing. They look like pieces of art – and the OB-X sounded incredible. I also saw something else pretty amazing I can’t say too much 😉

    1. It’s not, the CrowBx is made by another guy.

      But since both are a drop-in replacement, you can use either of them.
      I was thinking about ordering just 4 voice PCBs and make my own host interface…

  3. It seems like they should consider making boards for a stand-alone new version for people that don’t own the original.

  4. No competition to Behringer at all. This is a DIY maintenance project for people lucky enough to own one of these incredibly rare and expensive synths

  5. as mentioned below, wasted production due to Behringers clone, which can be released any day. The users will ask themselves. Why should I buy one of these boards, when I can buy 3-4 Behringer ObX for same price?

    1. because the Boringers will be worth F all in 20-years time and the original will be scarcer thus unaffordable.

  6. For me it is always somewhat difficult, and also in this case, to understand what is exactly part of a pledge. In this case there are various options. In case I understand correctly you can get a complete 8-voice OB-X expander for $2400, which is very cheap compared to buying a vintage one, but still a considerable amount of money.
    Interesting but out of budget for me. I’ll hold on to my Matrix 6R.

  7. I just had to (in a quiet internal way) launch my hand wide spread in the air and shout “Rush” at 06:29
    It’s an unrequited love thing, I couldn’t have Geddy Lee’s babies.

  8. “We have built and tested numerous assemblies from our favorite vintage synths for the purpose of studying the intricacies of each design.”. Huh? exactly why did you go to the trouble of re-creating boards and building whole sections of vintage synths? just for giggles and some fun in your spare time? Theres something we are not being told here….

    did you also build boards from the Jupiter 8? and if so, what for? Will these be for sale in the future as well? (because i would sure buy some of them!!)

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