New Project Gives Novation Circuit Full-Screen Display

Developer Aykut Cirik shared this sneak preview of a project that gives the Novation Circuit a full-screen display.

Here’s what he has to say about it:

Alpha version of my Circuit display project in action. Using WebMidi in the browser, and the same basic principle as behind Thomas Bll’s SHORT device: all macro knobs are unassigned on the synth preset and the knobs on the circuit are used to feed their values back into the circuit.

In this version, Knobs 1..7 are used for controlling the parameters displayed on screen. Knob 8 will scroll through the multitude of parameters available in that ‘Section’ (Oscillator/Filter/Env/..).

Still buggy (NRPN messages need fixing), but couldn’t wait to share it

28 thoughts on “New Project Gives Novation Circuit Full-Screen Display

  1. bwahahaha! virtually everyone here said both the circuit and the circuit mono station are perfectly fine *without* a display. gee, i wonder why the guy comes up with a screen upgrade then? lol, apparently he listened to me, and not to you. that should give you something to think about. the fact that the guy even contemplate to fabricate a screen solution on his very own is an utter disgrace for novation imo. mr unwin, the floor is yours. *grin*

    1. The only conclusion I can come to is that you were either fired by Novation or not hired for a position that you thought you should have been hired for. As soon as I saw the headline, I knew I would open this thread up to you up on some soapbox, chastising those of us who use our ears instead of our eyes to make music. Get over it already. Quit making excuses for your own musical shortcomings by blaming some mid-range manufacturer for not putting a stupid screen on some stupid $300 device. Get some help. Or leave the forum. This is tiring.

      1. > Quit making excuses for your
        > own musical shortcomings

        lol.. i was nominated for an echo award not once, but 4 times. the echo music prize was an accolade by the german phono academy, an association of recording companies of germany to recognize outstanding achievement in the music industry. so i guess i´m not that bad.

        1. It’s all just online bullshit until you post proof. I could say I won 9 Grammys. Regardless, your incessant whining is winning you no fans here, as you can clearly see. Why bother any more?

    2. lol, yeah echo awards, whatever … but according to you, jazz great Herbie Hancock “peaked in the 70’s.” What a world.

  2. one guy hooking up a screen to his circuit is hardly a disgrace to novation. I’m curious why you have such vitriolic hate towards this company. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. The circuit is a different way of working and I love it for that. I don’t expect it, or any instrument, to do everything.

    1. > I’m curious why you have such
      > vitriolic hate towards this company.

      you don´t seem to understand. remember the original tr-8? it came without a display (sh*tty led doesn´t count). now suddenly roland decided to release an upgraded version, the tr8s, *with* a display. why is that? because people llike me vigorously insist on holding companies accountable for their design flaws. it´s not about novation, it´s about *every* company that screws up.

      1. Lol

        They figured out they could charge people like you $200 bucks more for a fancier clone of a 30 year old piece of gear.

        Don’t hurt your arm patting yourself on the back!

        1. lol, no, they–roland´s engineers–finally figured out that they a made a fool of themselves by releasing products without a display (aira). their silly mantra was, “hey, it´s all about performance, forget about pre-production.” so they decided that there was no need for a song mode in jd-xi, jd-xa, mx-1, juno-ds, system-8 etc. my good old jx-305 had a song mode. it turned out what was good 25 years ago is not good enough anymore. shame on roland. the company acted as if its customers were all live performing artists on stage. they believed their potential target group were composed of pro dj´s touring around the world, when in fact the sad truth was that the audience of their aira customers mainly consisted of only two persons–mom and dad–, and the venue was a living room. after realizing that no right-minded dj was buying any aira stuff, they finally changed course and implement displays again, hooray.

      2. I can understand that, with how things are going, that you need reality altering substances to keep up with it. But just like you shouldn’t drink and drive, you shouldn’t do drugs and comment.

        Roland didn’t just slap a display on the TR-8s, for the sake of having one. This was probably necessary for the sample and SD card related functions. Things the TR-8 doesn’t have. And, surprise, the Circuit doesn’t have that either.
        The fact that the TR-8s got 128 user patterns vs. 16 as well as 128 user drum kits vs. 16 probably helped with the display vs. none decision.

      3. The TR8s has a lot of sample swap possibilties, and uses one encoder per voice for all of its FX sends and settings. I think they figured that you wouldn’t be able to navigate the instrument without a screen. (Even with the screen, it’s hella confusing). That said, the TR8s is yet one step farther removed from the one-knob-per-function paradigm of the TR808. Some people will certainly dislike that.

    1. yup, kudos to him. the best thing novation could do right now is to hire the guy. just like waldorf did with manuel caballero, the inventor of the valkyrie synth. btw, after akai fired their japanese coder jj who created the original os for the mpc 1000/2500 they should have hired him immediately back in order to prevent him from ‘going solo’. that lapse was the last nail of the old akai company´s coffin.

      1. i must confess: i only read the headline, and it piqued my interest. after having seen the clip i must say it is baloney. no song mode presentation? lol, *facepalm*

      2. I am almost certain that he was actually referring to you. He probably missed the post where you claim to be female and all.

        Novation doesn’t need to hire anyone either. Just like the “Short” project, they just use what is already there. If Novation wanted to, they could do such things as well.
        One reason why people buy a Circuit is to go away from a Computer and how quick you can get something done. Unlike with an Electribe 2 (Sampler) which is just a pain in the neck with all the menu diving to get the simplest of things done.

          1. Wait, did you just admit that Circuit and Circuit Mono Station blow the Electribe 2 out of the water, workflow-wise? Is that how you defend your beloved “tribe”? Hahahaha, guess you finally admit that all the Circuit/Deluge nonsense you vomit in the comment section, is just you being envy, because your “tribe” sucks, workflow-wise. Only 4 bars doesn’t really cut it, eh?

      1. > We need to be able to block people here.

        reminds me of the trumptards who have been floating the idea of stripping credentials from certain media outlets at the white house. when they don´t like an opinon, they want to ban the holder of that opinion. you are better than this. having said that, i promise i´ll do better. peace.

  3. Arguing in these comments — meanwhile, the majority of Circuit users are happily using their compact groovebox / idea machine without any screen, and loving it.

    If someone wants I add a screen, great. Some people compose all their music with a mouse and qwerty keyboard — that’s great too.

    I like iOS apps and Launchpad XL templates that allow deeper, hands-on access to Circuit’s synth parameters. Some people are perfectly happy with the macros. More power to them.

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