AudioKit Synth One, A Free & Open-Source Professional iPad Synthesizer, Is Now Available

Developer Matthew Fecher let us know that AudioKit Synth One, described as ‘the largest free & open-source iOS music project in history’ – is now available as a free download.

AudioKit Synth One is a polyphonic synthesizer for iOS that features 300+ presets, Audiobus 3 & Inter-App Audio support, deep synthesis capabilities, a wequencer and arpeggiator, a reverb by Valhalla DSP’s Sean Costello and more.


  • Hybrid Analog/FM Poly Synthesizer
  • Over 300+ Presets
  • Audiobus 3 & Inter-app Audio (IAA)
  • AUM, BeatMaker 3, Cubasis, GarageBand compatible
  • Five Oscillators (2 DCO, FM, Sub, Noise)
  • 2 Assignable LFOs with dozens of routing possibilities
  • 100+ Alternative Scales & Tunings
  • Vintage-Style 16-Step Sequencer
  • Classic poly arpeggiator
  • MIDI in (Control with a MIDI Keyboard or DAW)
  • Touchable ADSR Envelopes for Amp & Filter
  • FM Oscillator w/ Mod
  • Dedicated Sine/Square -12/24 Sub Osc
  • 4-Pole Vintage Low-Pass Filter
  • High-Pass/Band Pass Filters
  • Mono portamento & legato
  • Beautiful Sean Costello Reverb
  • Multi-tap (ping-pong) delay
  • TouchPads
  • Preset Import/Export & More…
  • MIDI Learn on all knobs
  • Compact app size (under 30mb)
  • MIDI Bank (MSB)/Patch Change & Sustain Pedal support
  • Bank of over a dozen “Starter” presets by Brice Beasley to use as a starting place to craft your own preset creations
  • Full Source code included

Here’s a intro video by redskylullaby:

Here’s a demo of presets created by Brice Beasley:

Here’s  demo of presets by DJ Puzzle:

Synth One is available now as a free download.

8 thoughts on “AudioKit Synth One, A Free & Open-Source Professional iPad Synthesizer, Is Now Available

  1. Looks good. Helm is my current favourite open-source synth and great sounding too with some nice vocal filters for example.

    But where does the plug-in business go if everything becomes open-source and free? Is this the same death spiral to zero we’ve seen for iOS apps?

      1. With « established / big companies », no conflict. With new or « wannabe » companies, they have to find other ways to make a living…

  2. A new iPad synth is a good thing to wake up to, been checking it out for the last few hours now and two thumbs up, thanks.

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