Avid Announces ‘Sibelius | First’ Free Composition and Notation Software

Avid has announced the availability of Sibelius | First, a free version of their Sibelius music composition and notation software.

‘Sibelius | First provides a streamlined notation toolset based on Sibelius and includes many of the same features, including music composition transcription, editing and unique cloud-based workflows, but is limited to 4 parts.
Sibelius | First also features Sibelius | Cloud Sharing, which allows users to store or share up to 10 scores. It also provides the user access to a network of artists and media professionals with whom to collaborate.

Avid now offers versions of Sibelius in a variety of versions:

  • Sibelius | First delivers a streamlined notation tool set based on Sibelius for all users, with up to 4 instrument parts.
  • Sibelius offers cloud sharing and augmented notation capabilities so users can quickly and easily share and review scores anywhere. This version of Sibelius enables the user to create works with up to 16 instrument parts.
  • Sibelius | Ultimate lets users create complex arrangements with an unlimited number of instruments.

A comparison of features among the different versions of Sibelius can be found at this link.

Pricing and Availability

Avid’s Sibelius | First is now available to download for free. For more information, visit the Avid website.

2 thoughts on “Avid Announces ‘Sibelius | First’ Free Composition and Notation Software

  1. It’s clever and timely idea to guide people to their workflow and flagship product.

    There’s always been their main competitor (Finale) and a few others that also compare favorably, including the free Muse Score.

    Perhaps with Dorico arriving on the scene, Avid is feeling some pressure to invite new users into their world.

    I’ve tried both Sibelius and Finale and don’t like either of them.

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