Elektron Overbridge 2.0 Now In Beta, But You May Want To Wait To Update Your OS For It

Elektron today announced beta testing for Overbridge 2.0.

The company also released updates for the operating systems for all Analog machines, Digitakt, and Digitone to prepare them for the long-awaited overbridge. Current Overbridge users will probably want to wait to update their operating systems, though, because the update breaks compatibility with Overbridge 1.15.

Overbridge promises to let you:

  • Fully integrate your Elektron instruments with DAWs like Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic, Bitwig, Studio One and others
  • Control Elektron instruments with dedicated software plugins
  • Stream multi-channel audio over USB
  • Affect computer audio with hardware instrument processing
  • Recall all instrument settings when loading a DAW project
  • Make your Elektron instrument function as a stand alone sound card

If you’re interested in being part of the beta test of Overbridge 2.0, you can sign up at the Elektron site.

20 thoughts on “Elektron Overbridge 2.0 Now In Beta, But You May Want To Wait To Update Your OS For It

  1. Disappointing wait aside, when this is released and working it will be a producing engineering master peace.
    Less audio interface equipement will save us a lot of money.

  2. i´m sorry, but the elektron workflow is a pita. waaay too complicated. i once spent a weekend with an octatrack. it was a complete and utter disaster.

    1. It’s interesting how polarizing the design of Elektron’s gear is.

      I see it as some of the deepest gear I own. But it’s admittedly complex and a lot of people never get over that learning hump to be able to appreciate it

      1. It is not difficult to learn. It is hard to relearn. I had octatrack two times and two times I sold it. Elektron gear is something you have to use every day. Then it is great. If you make a break for one week, you have to relearn everything again. It took me entire evening to figure out how looper and pickup machines work. I was happy when I made it working. I tried to use looper in a week and forgot everything. And nothing worked out of the box.

        1. Exactly this. I eventually sold my Rytm, because every time I took a longer break from using it, it was back to reading the manual. Also the complicated hierarchy used in storing stuff just stressed me out. (It’s probably great if you use it to store and manage a whole lot of live sets.)

        2. Octatrak is a pretty open-ended machine and I don’t think it was ever meant that an owner would use every last piece of its functionality.

          OT works best if you create a project for a given workflow like “Guitar looper” or “Two channel sampler/two channel sequencer/master effects” so you don’t have to set up every channel/machine/fx/input/output from scratch each time you turn it on.

          It’s a lot like a DAW in this way.

          But yeah, OT is especially steep the first time you use it.

    2. Tbh, you need to spend a long time with the Octatrack, and once you finally understand how to work it, it’s great. Sure, lots of people don’t care to put that time in, but some of us find it to be worth it.

    3. But it all has a screen? The Electribe S workflow is a pita. 5 minutes after I use it and I already forgot how to assign a sample to an oscillator. And then assign an oscillator to a pad. So unnecessary. So comlicated.

      1. it has flaws, i agree, but the current tribes definitely represent the best bang for the buck when it comes to sound content and preset patterns.

    4. it really isnt. OT has a dumb way of managing samples but the elektron workflow itself is pretty dope.
      OT does have some of the worst sound characters i have encountered in a sampler fwiw.
      digitakt on the other hand is the best shit ever.

  3. Dual VCO Machine in the Analog Rytm MKI and MKII update is a killer!!!!..Analog Rytm is a terrific synth o its own and Overbridge is coming

    1. indeed! The DVCO is a killer addition. The raw osc tone alone sounds better than some analog monos ;))

  4. 2 months with Octatrack everyday and it changed my life. It’s a real musical instrument, playing the piano for a week and expecting something quality would be foolish, same applies to the OT. once you wrap your head around it and get comfy with workflow, you will write music that you would have a hard time making most anywhere else.

  5. elektron workflow is not complicated at all, just unique. highly limited in some aspects, very strong in others

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