Modal Electronics SKULPT Synthesizer Hands-On Demo

The latest Sonic Lab video features a demo of the new Modal Electronics SKULPT polyphonic synthesizer.

Modal’s Luke Saxton stopped by to give an overview of the new polysynth, which is a four-voice virtual analog, with deep synthesis and effects options.

Production of the SKULPT is being funded via a Kickstarter campaign, which is launching Friday July 13, 2018.

Video Summary:

Modal Electronics brought a pre-production prototype to our offices for a first look. Its a 4 voice poly synths, DSP based with two oscillators (each with up to 4 layers), sequencer, arpeggiator, distortion and delay FX, 8 modulation slots.

13 thoughts on “Modal Electronics SKULPT Synthesizer Hands-On Demo

  1. Hey Modal. Make the original prototype clear version an option on the kickstarter campaign; I kind of have a thing for see-through synths.

    1. i like the keys, it could be nice to have this as a simple portable midi controller for taking to other friends studios, making sounds is’nt about looks, but if you are taking it on stage maybe that is a different story. but i think this is targeted towards mobile usage and desktop usage. keep the keyboard… aint nobody can actually play a synth anyway.

    2. oh please… they run on 6 AAs, it’s the size of a book, and the sequencer is decent enough to spend lots of time playing with it whenever/wherever you might be with it in your bag. that whole dimension of it is possible because there’s a keyboard.

  2. In all of the sound demos, I just don’t hear anything terribly interesting.

    I think it’s relying on the cheap price to make it an impulse purchase for many.

    They went with full size Midi ports, but stuck to sub USB and 3.5mm for everything else.

  3. I agree that the keyboard looks a little misplaced but I wouldn’t want them to remove it entirely. If it were dark grey or something it might go along better with the panel above it.. Is it too late Modal? Lol The pitch tracking on the LFO sounds pretty fresh

  4. I would have rather had full sized audio outs than full sized midi….but that’s just me.
    Or both….even better

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