Elektron Analog Rytm Dual VCO (Sneak Preview)

Elektron shared this sneak preview of the Dual VCO machine for Analog Rytm, which introduced in an upcoming OS update.

Dual VCO is a basic dual vco analog synth voice, which can be used as a bassline synth and more, as shown in the video above. It’s available in OS 1.4, which is compatible with both Analog Rytm MKI & MKII.

Note: This update is available now, but mkI users will probably want to avoid updating at this time, because it breaks compatibility with Overbridge 1.15. Overbridge 2.0, which is now in beta, addresses this.


17 thoughts on “Elektron Analog Rytm Dual VCO (Sneak Preview)

  1. Installed on my Mk I and it is really versatile! This update was really big one because it expands rytm as a machine big time. Maybe ups the used price a bit too?

      1. It could be compared to a MeeBlip by Anode. Short squelchy basses, detuned leads and with the lfo and filter, and the p-locks and the effects and the fact that its a drum machine… No contest. I remember the DSI Tempest has some synth options but the sequencing left you a little underwhelmed.

          1. not sure thats a fair comparison, honestly – the meeblip anode only has like 2 waveforms, this synth has like 70 combinations of waveforms via sync, FM, or RM.. also you can p-lock that per step, as well as other parameters like the bend and detune and so forth… so when you take the synth+sequencer together the sound is extremely unique, more like modular territory

            you can only use the synth on 4 tracks, and 2 of those share a voice.. but still

            it takes the rytm to a whole new level, and it was already lightyears ahead anyways… pair it with any other elektron device, its an all-in-one setup, easy

  2. AKA damage control after all the disgusting online demos out. Really hoping it is usable like that last snippet of audio suggests.

    1. that bboy demo was unofficial fyi.
      “damage control” lol, you guys are such drama queens.
      there is no “suggesting” in that clip btw. it either sounds or does not sound good. which it def does.
      the features adds so much to rytm for free and you guys keep being salty.
      im guessing none of you actually have rytm and comment out of sheer spite.

  3. I’ve been using mk1 tracks chromticly with samples of sub37 oscillators and they sound pretty sweet through the Rtym’s filter. I’m looking forward to combining the samples with the double vco to get a 3 osc voice. If they didn’t gimp sending midi out from the sequencer this box could constitute most of my live rig.

    1. The sampling process is the same as the digitakt, same screen, same “send to track”. Thats about it. On the digital, you can change the start and end point of a sample while looking at the waveform which is very helpful for semi-chopping with p-locks. On the rytm, if you have a long sample, you sort of have to wing it so its more meant for short one shot samples. But being able to actually sample is great instead of always transferring. I’ve randomly plugged in my iPad and grabbed some short sentences or quick one shot sounds from youtube. The other way was to record them on a computer, trim them, then transfer them.

  4. If you are complaining that the free monophonic synthesizer in your drum machine isn’t very powerful – you might be missing the point.

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