Corsynth Intros 5U OTA Lowpass Filter, Updates LFO To Offer Extreme VC LFO Action

5U & Euro module maker Corsynth let us know that they’ve released the C101B OTA Lowpass filter, a single-width version of their C101 mkII filter.

Both filters are based on cascade OTA-stages, with 24dB/octave and 6dB/octave outputs. This kind of filter can be one found in classic synthesizers like Roland Jupiter 8 , Roland System 100m, Roland SH-1 and many more.

As many 4-pole low pass filters the output volume drastically drops when the resonance is increased. The C101B includes an especially designed circuit to maintain a constant output level at any resonance value. This circuit can be activated or deactivated on the front panel, allowing the user to select between the traditional response and the gain compensated response.

Audio Demos:

In addition, Corsynth has updated the electronics of its C102 VC LFO. Externally, nothing has changed, but internally there is a new cv control circuit allowing a wider frequency control.

Using a CV signal (+/-5Vt) the C102 can go up to 20Khz and down to 3 hours per cycle. It also offers better 1V/oct tracking and it can be used as VCO for FM purposes, sync sounds etc.

Pricing and Availability

The C101B OTA Lowpass filter is available now for €210. The C102 VC LFO is available for €195.

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