midiglue Programmable MIDI/CV Controller & Effects Unit

Developer Kai Aoki let us know about midiglue, a new programmable MIDI controller & converter.

You can use midiglue to control many synthesizers in real time, or it can be used as a MIDI effects unit, sequencer, and converter.

midiglue supports conversion between USB MIDI, DIN MIDI, CV/Gate/Sync & Footswitch control. It also features MIDI effects, including delay, pitch shifter, quantizer, sequencer, arpeggiator and more.

Pricing and Availability

midiglue is being produced via a Kickstarter project and is available to backers assembled for about US $149. The project has already reached its funding goal.

8 thoughts on “midiglue Programmable MIDI/CV Controller & Effects Unit

    1. iConnectivity has been putting a lot of effort into their configuration software. The old version was confusing, the latest stuff coming from them has some pretty amazing features. My understanding is that they’re rolling stuff out over the next few months.

  1. This is really cool! I’ve been looking for a simple way to add a sequencer and arpeggiator to older style synths that still allows the use of the built in keyboard, this looks like the best bet yet!

    Does anyone know of other products in the same price range that can do that?

    There is for example the Squarp Pyramid and other products like that, but they are way overkill when all I want to do is add an arpeggiator/sequencer to a Minimoog.

  2. DTH, you might want to check out the NDLR by conductive labs. Functionality isn’t the same as this unit, but it allows users to control several synths at once and has a very intuitive, live-friendly UI.

  3. CV.OCD by sixty four pixels on Tindie. I don’t have one yet but when I have enough gumption to collect all the coins off my floor I will buy one.

  4. I am glad to receive the reaction, I believe this device is useful for many people. The campaign ends in 15 hours from now. Please ask us on the Kickstarter site as necessary.
    Thank you!

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