IK Multimedia UNO Synth Patch Editor Overview & Demo

At Knobcon 2018, IK Multimedia introduced the new Synth Editor for the UNO Synth.

We talked with IK’s Erik Norlander, who gave us a quick overview and demo of the Synth Editor.

The Editor – available for iOS, Mac & Windows – lets you do deeper patch editing and patch management. It also lets you use the UNO Synth in your DAW. It’s available as a free download from the IK Multimedia site.

Uno Synth Audio Demos:

The UNO is a dual-VCO analog monosynth that offers deep features for its $199.99 price. See the IK Multimedia site for details.

15 thoughts on “IK Multimedia UNO Synth Patch Editor Overview & Demo

  1. IK nailed it with this synth, which is especially impressive considering that it’s their first hardware synth and it’s actually original.

    I like that it’s not rehashing the past, but instead tries a new form factor, uses modern tech for the interface, has a patch editor, works in your DAW and has deep features like parameter locks. I’d like to see patch locks, too, but for $200, it doesn’t have a lot of competition.

    I’d love to see a drum machine / sampler in this format!

        1. You can play it as a normal analog synth with a midi or USB keyboard and route keyboard velocity output to AMP so it is velocity sensitive (or filter if preferred to get a similar effect) with pitchbend and mod wheels etc the ‘vibe’ is pretty much with the player….you can certainly get the ‘sound’ of most analog mono’s….

    1. I guess if you dont like the sound of 2 osc analog mono that may be the case, but if you do, the UNO is amongst the best I have heard. I have a lot of analog, Prophet, DM12, A4, Moog32 and a ton of Analog Euro. I also own a UNO. The UNO sounds every bit as good (in some cases better) than the other kit mentioned, its one of the best 2 Osc mono sounds I have had the please to own (I sold my Brute, KARP etc- I prefer the UNO sound and form factor)

    2. I’d second Sean’s comment below.

      The UNO’s synth engine is like a Pro One on steroids (classic 2 oscillator, noise, filter design), paired with a better step sequencer than any vintage synth has, plus it connects with your computer. I’ve been very happy with mine.

      IK should probably be sending Norlander to events with a keyboard controller, because I think that would give players a very different impression of the UNO. But it may be that their audience, like Elektron, is more people that want to play with sequences vs a keyboard.

  2. The same sound – same squelch every time.
    All the demos sound like a variation of the same patch.
    All of the examples also sound like there is quite a bit of distortion going on (?)
    The ranges of all the sounds parameters might NOT be very wide …

    Sounds like it cannot do silky, smooth, clean, -pads with a lot of high frequency content :/

    … cmon stop the rant …

    The “Acid Growl” is quite good!

    One trick pony?

    It is an acid bass synth!
    True Analog sound!
    With a fun sequencer & software editor!
    For 230€!

    Sounds fun!

  3. I have dozens and dozens of synthesizers and I am absolutely impressed with the Uno and have been playing it for many folks who are equally as blown away as I am.

    I will say that the video demos I had seen previously did not “wet the whistle” to get me interested BUT, upon holding the light-weight, battery operated BEAST, and quickly creating complex patterns with fantastic sounds, I felt otherwise.

  4. True story, I just sold mine on EBay, and upon the auction ending, I sampled some bass one shots before parting ways. Well I made a mistake selling it but packed it up and off it went. Its 16 step sequencer bugged me, those short loops get annoying very quickly, but man does it sound lovely. The drive is beautiful it just sounds legit.

  5. I received Uno yesterday. Looks and feels good. Smart design. Fun to mess around with.
    However, I have to agree with Jay, 16 steps ain’t enough, esp. since this isn’t a performance tool. I hope IK can do something about it in a firmware update. Maybe pattern chaining?

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