Junkie XL + Sasha ‘Breezer’ Song Breakdown

Junkie XL (Tom Holkenborg) shared a new video, a breakdown of a dance music collab with Sasha, Breezer (2003).

This focuses less on gear and instead focuses more on the structure and production techniques that Holkenborg used in producing the track. If you want to know more about his gear and how he uses it, he’s previously has shared a 22-video series that focuses on that.

We’ve embedded the full track below, for reference:

3 thoughts on “Junkie XL + Sasha ‘Breezer’ Song Breakdown

  1. Love Junkie XL!

    Would be great to look over his shoulder and get a DAW breakdown on something like this. He did that a couple of times with some of his soundtrack work and it was fascinating stuff. Also, he must have a monster rig, because his arrangements would kill my PC!

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