Synthstrom Audio Deluge 2.1 Sneak Preview From Knobcon 2018

At Knobcon 2018, Synthstrom Audio was showing their Deluge synth, sampler and sequencer.

We got a preview of the next firmware update, 2.1, from Synthstrom’s Ian Jorgensen. New features include a waveform editor view, multi-sample import, streamlined kit building and more.

The update is expected to be released later this year.

See the Synthstrom site for more information on the Deluge.

5 thoughts on “Synthstrom Audio Deluge 2.1 Sneak Preview From Knobcon 2018

  1. 2,1 Firmware will be a great update. Little by little the Deluge is a better and more complete unit. I am very happy I decided not to wait more for the OpZ and buy the Deluge instead.

    1. Kind of crazy that the OP-Z and this are even in the same price realm. In my opinion. The OP-Z may. E powerful, but it looks opaque as hell, like you’ll have to memorize a jillion menu functions instead of just having dedicated buttons.

    1. I think they will introduce multitrack audio bounce of songs, sooner or later. I know they are working on it. So we will be able to import the individual tracks for mixing in our DAW.
      It’s not the same as having 8 physical outs, but for me it’s enough.

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