Yamaha Special Event Coming Friday, Sept 14, 2018

The live streaming event will feature Richard Devine, Nicholas Semrad & Domi Degalle.

Yamaha USA has announce that they will be holding a special live stream event on Friday, September 14th at 1PM/1300 Eastern Daylight Time (18:00 UK Time)

The event, hosted by Yamaha product gurus Dom Sigalas and Blake Angelos will feature a new product announcement and live performances and interviews with:

  • Electronic artist and sound designer: Richard Devine
  • Keyboardist and Yamaha Artist: Nick Semrad
  • Pianist/keyboardist and Yamaha Artist: Domi Degalle

The event will be live streamed via the YamahaSynths Facebook page.

20 thoughts on “Yamaha Special Event Coming Friday, Sept 14, 2018

  1. why do companies have to hold events all the time? just tweet out your announcement or pop up a video on youtube explaining what you are releasing. it saves time folks.

  2. A quote from Richard Devine from around the time the Montage was coming out: “…for instance I’m working with Yamaha on a project right now; I can’t say what it is, but it’s pretty crazy. This synthesizer has new technology that’s never been implemented before, so it’s totally alien to anything I’ve ever used. I’ve had to spend a few weeks just understanding the architecture of it.”

    Now… he could have been talking about the Montage, but people did speculate that it was probably something else because the Montage isn’t *that* revolutionary.

      1. Not sure what you mean, but I think the line up is quite talented. In many product demos (at Namm etc.) the “product specialist” comes across as good with words but not so musical. Same with many tutorial videos posted on this site.

  3. Damn everyone is announcing things this week: Apple, Roland, Yamaha, anyone else?

    I hope for a Montage Rack. Bring back the racks.

  4. It’s already leaked out. It’s called the MODX and it has FM from the Montage and AWM2 synthesis. But apparently no aftertouch.

  5. They’re bringing back modern, real analog versions of the CS-15 and CS-30.

    To quote Brain from Pinky and the Brain, “Yes!”

    1. I have more or less decided to only buy hardware that I can edit with my iPad. Last one: Blofeld.

      Uno is up for consideration just because of that.

  6. I do not know what is so special that they will present. However, the philosophy of the recycled cut down version keeps well. Just announced the new MODX model. What a prototype! and then a MOVL, MOAN and finally a MODXANVL I hope to present something truly original, unique and shocking.

  7. While I am drawn to a certain range of FM sounds, programming it from the ground up is a lot like crapping barbed wire. I have single-cycle waves by the ton, samples by the mega-ton and two physical modeling synths. I simply don’t need FM proper for that general arena of sounds. I wish there was a sane way to bring their old FS1R back in a practical form, but that’s a major pipe dream. I will say this: the Montage is the #1 Colorful Synth if you want a physical GUI that screams “STAR TREK!” It sounds nice and big, but it also has a real purdy mouf.

  8. Was just about to spring for the JDXA and now this comes along. Funny thing was, I was initially gonna get the Montage 6 but, yeah, it’s up there in price. Then I was considering the JDXA as I feel that will be one of those ones that I shoulda, coulda, woulda but didn’t (the Kawai k5000s, Yamaha Ex7 to name two in particular). Love the JDXI a ton even with limitations that the big brother would rectify. Just sold the Reface DX just because I couldn’t get over the non-real-time knobs it could have had to make performance that much more (the work around of cc assignments to my Midi Designer Pro would be too frankenstein).
    What to do, what to do. I have hope that Yamaha would buckle under community/user consensus that the Montage, and now MODX, would have a proper sequencer because apparently they could do it given their commitment to substantial OS upgrades to the series as such. I’ll decide at the end of the week…

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