The Moog Trifecta Raffle: The Memorymoog, Rogue,

The Bob Moog Foundation shared this series of videos, offering an audio demo of the three synthesizers featured in their Moog Trifecta Raffle.

The Moog Trifecta Raffle marks the first time in the Foundation’s history that it is offering more than one raffle prize. Three fully restored vintage Moog synthesizers are being featured: a Memorymoog, Moog Source, and Moog Rogue will be offered as first, second, and third prizes, respectively.

Funds raised from the raffle will be used to expand the Foundation’s hallmark educational project, Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool, and to help fund its newest project, the Moogseum.

The videos feature three Asheville musicians, Ben Hovey, Jamar Woods, and Simon Thomas George.

Check out the videos and, if you’re interested in the raffle, check out the details at the BMF site. The raffle ends on September 24, 2018, or when all 5,500 tickets are sold.

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