Deckard’s Dream Sound Design With Paul Schilling

At Knobcon 2018, we talked with sound designer Paul Schilling (Schilling Sound Emporium), who was demonstrating some of his work with the Deckard’s Dream analog synthesizer.

He also shared some of the details of his setup, which pairs the Deckard’s Dream with a Kurzweil MIDIBoard (for its polyphonic aftertouch) and a LinnStrument.

Schilling shared a pair of videos with us that he made at Knobcon, featuring several other synthesists that gave the ‘Dream setup’ a spin:

Schilling’s recent work includes patches for the Deckard’s Dream and Tangerine Dream inspired patches for Arturia, embedded below:

11 thoughts on “Deckard’s Dream Sound Design With Paul Schilling

  1. The only problem with ribbon slides is that in the real CS80 when you slide to the left, the pitch would go subsonic.
    This doesn’t do that on Linn instruments.
    Fab recreation of this synth though.?

    1. Not the only problem – there aren’t’ any commercially available keyboard controllers with polyphonic aftertouch, so you never get to harness that aspect of the instrument, rendering it significantly poorer from a performance point fo view (I’m a CS80 owner)

  2. Fantastic.

    Totally goofy that we have to rely on old Kurzweil’s (and Ensoniqs, etc) for poly-aftertouch on a keyboard these days though!

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