SampleRobot 6 Pro Now Available For Mac & Windows

Developer Christian Halten let us know that SKYLIFE has released SampleRobot 6 Pro, the latest version of the application, designed to automate sampling and sample editing.

It’s also available for the first time as a native macOS application.

Here’s what he has to say about it:

SampleRobot 6 Pro has been redesigned from the ground up to offer users a new sampling experience.

The loop and transient editor WaveRobot has become the central part of the new modular graphical user interface. Sections can be pulled out of the dock and placed anywhere on the working screen(s).

For the first time in the history of SampleRobot the new version 6 comes as a native macOS application in addition to the Windows 10 build.

Here’s what’s new in SampleRobot 6 Pro:

  • Modular graphical user interface.
  • Integrated central WaveRobot loop and transient editor.
  • Native MacOS and Windows 10 support.
  • Large-scale Midi monitor.
  • Floating Peak Meter.
  • Context-sensitive Project hierarchy.
  • Sample list for easy browsing and searching.
  • Library and user bank export for Yamaha Montage.
  • Optimized activation process.

Key Features:

  • Fast sampling process.
  • Fully automated workflow.
  • Sample export for many software and hardware samplers.
  • Intuitive Project assistant.
  • Sophisticated auto-loop processing, transient recognition and sample editing.
  • Many loop and crossfade types including auto-gain crossfades.
  • Over 1000 MB premium multisamples taken from classic synthesizers included.

Pricing and Availability

SampleRobot Pro 6 is available now for € 249. Upgrade from previous versions: € 119.

7 thoughts on “SampleRobot 6 Pro Now Available For Mac & Windows

  1. I’ve always been an Autosampler user, so I can’t speak to SampleRobot, but its value depends on how much you really sample. I saved a pile of sounds so I could just click on them in Logic’s ESX24 sampler. It can be especially useful if you do a lot of semi-modular experimentation with some hybrid beast so you can save the happy-accident patches that can pop up. You can easily use both of these with any MIDI-equipped keyboard and have a usable patch rendered in no time. Nord offers users a free editor that allows you to turn your WAVs into Nord-formatted sounds, as well as a good sound manager. It takes a meaningful amount of work to massage samples into shape, but its worked well for me. You can also borrow all of your friends’ gear to sample until all you do is slobber over it in the dark like Gollum, so watch out for that.

    1. Thanks for the info. As SampleRobot can export SoundFont SFZ files and ESX24 can read those, that should be pretty useful.

      They appear to have special support for the Montage (and probably MODX) and KORG Volca. But no mention of NORD and I don’t believe the NORD Sound Manager can import SoundFonts (sadly).

      But I’ve read the entire user manual and there’s no list of the formats supported, nor is there anything in the FAQ. Not very helpful IMO if you’re trying to work out whether to buy…

  2. From here:

    Export Formats
    Format details: same as Import
    SampleRobot Projekt (*.SRPrj)
    SampleRobot Preset (*.SRPrj)
    SampleRobot Project Export + Backup (*.SRPrj, *wav)
    Project and Project group export as:
    WAV [single, group (Multi-Samples)]
    WAV (Loop only) [single, group (Multi-Samples)]
    AIFF [single, group (Multi-Samples)]
    AIFF (Loop only) [single, group (Multi-Samples)]
    Yamaha Montage Performance as Library and User Bank (*.x7l, *.x7u)
    Korg Kronos, Triton, Trinity, Pa3X, Pa4x (*.ksc, *.kmp, *.ksf)
    Korg Volca Sample (Audio data export via Sync socket)
    Korg microSAMPLER (*.msmpl_bank)
    Teenage Enigineering OP-1 drum map (*.aif)
    Camel Audio Alchemy and Alchemy Player (*.sfz)
    SoundFont2 (*.sf2)
    Steinberg HALion 4 (*.xml, clipboard copy & paste)
    Apple Logic Pro EXS 24 (*.sf2)
    Waldorf Blofeld (*.xml)
    Tascam Gigastudio (*.wav)
    Propellerhead Software Reason 6 NN-XT (*.sxt)
    Emu Emulator X3 (*.wav) Wusikstation (*.SND)
    Yellow Tools Independence (*.sf2)
    MOTU Machfive (*.wav)
    rgc:audio (*.sfz)
    Maz Sound Tools VSampler 3 (*.sf2)
    NI Kontakt (*.sxt)
    Cakewalk Dimension Pro / LE (*.sfz)
    Cakewalk Dimension Program (*.prog)
    All multi-sample export formats including auto-mapping and multi-velocity layering

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