Behringer Moving VC340 String Synthesizer & Vocoder To Production

Behringer is moving forward with the VC340 string synthesizer & vocoder, its Roland VP-330 clone, according to a report by German synth site

Company head Uli Behringer previously teased the VP-330 clone to gauge interest. Now a  company representative has confirmed that the Behringer VC340 will move to production.

Here’s a preview of one of the VC340 prototypes in action, via Firechild:

Pricing and Availability

Behringer has not made any official announcement about pricing and availability for the VC340, but Uli Behringer previously said that the VC340 pricing would be in the price range of $800-1,000, depending on anticipated sales.

19 thoughts on “Behringer Moving VC340 String Synthesizer & Vocoder To Production

    1. So what then.. we just all sit here wishing we could own a Roland VP-330 and never have one? At least someone else is out there doing the research and legwork so that people like us can have these synths again. Currently there is a good condition VP-330 on eBay for €4000. Now I don’t know what you do for a living but that price puts the thoughts of owning a VP-330 well out of the reach of millions, if not hundreds of millions of synth enthusiasts, myself included. I may not need an analogue string machine or a vocoder but at least in the near future I’ll be able to save up over a reasonable timescale in order to get. Same goes for the Deepmind (the first affordable 12 voice analogue poly ever made) the Model D and now also the 808 and 909.

    1. I agree. Behringer has established themselves as the attractive price and affordability leader in synths. If it read $550 – 725, I would be more inclined to take the post seriously. I won’t hold my breath until they sell a thousand of the for $1000.

  1. Is there any other analogue string machine with vocoder on the market at the moment? If this would be the only one on the market, and the price is touching $1000, I wonder if they considered designing a brand new one rather than a clone, using the best ideas from the Rolands but also the Sennheisers/EMS and so on.

  2. People complaining about the price obviously have no clue about the complexity of this unit – it will very likely be the most complex analogue synth in production. I’m having one.

    1. You really should do basic research before spouting off and getting something so enormously wrong. There’s no excuse for such sloppiness. The schematics are widely available. For the entire unit they legibly render on a single sheet of paper.

      1. I suggest you look closely at that schematic – it follows the Roland convention of only showing one circuit when there are many similar or identical ones. There are many more components in this device than shown in that schematic. Uli Behringer himself has stated “People who are familiar with technology understand that this (the VC340) is a very complex analog product as it contains over 3,000 components specified with very low tolerances”. Behringer have actually done a very good job of re-engineering this device and simplifying the original multi-board design and I applaud them for bringing it to market.

  3. Guys, lets settle down. We can all read schematics. Oh wait, I can’t, but I soon will be able to make my voice sound like a robot. Help us, Uli-wan; you’re our only hope. Also hustle it up, son.

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