AudioSwift 2 Turns Your Trackpad Into A MIDI Controller

Developer Nigel Rios has released AudioSwift 2, a major update to the macOS app that lets you use a trackpad as a MIDI controller.

Here is how it works?:

  • You enable AudioSwift by using a four or five fingers tap.
  • A console window appears on screen, taking control of the mouse pointer and keyboard.
  • Start touching the trackpad to control a parameter.
  • When you finish, hit the escape key to turn AudioSwift off.

Here’s what’s new in AudioSwift 2:

  • New Slider Mode with 12 configurable virtual sliders.
  • New XY Mode design with 5 views and 30 configurable controllers.
  • It now works with Adobe Lightroom using a third party open source plugin.
  • Adds Pitch Bend with relative center position (0 pitch bend).
  • Adds new Regular Format for CC messages.
  • Adds default CC values and automatic return to default after a finger is released.
  • Adds labels for Slider and XY modes.
  • AudioSwift’s console can now be turned on temporarily with a tap plus the shift key.
  • When working with two trackpads or a trackpad with a mouse, AudioSwift can now be turned on automatically by just touching the trackpad’s surface.

Pricing and Availability

AudioSwift 2 is available now for US $24. For a limited time, you can use coupon GOLDENFROG50 to get a 50% discount. It’s a free upgrade for existing users.

2 thoughts on “AudioSwift 2 Turns Your Trackpad Into A MIDI Controller

  1. Only the jog wheel makes sense imo..Cleraly a touch interface like that cannot replace or be as detailed as a fader or a knob, even the x-y thing is “cripled” in that sense….

  2. Sounds like it is just extending the features of the trackpad to include some more assignable/customizable data input. Looks like it is a thoughtful design.

    By the same token, a person could use a hardware controller and assign functions that way. I don’t know if the Mac OS will allow a MIDI CC stream to control things in the UI– perhaps with a 3rd party macro utility.

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