Propellerhead Reason 10.2 Now Available

Propellerhead has released Reason 10.2, a free update that offers new workflow features that they say ‘makes your music making inside Reason faster, more intuitive, and more flexible’.

Reason 10.2 introduces Multi Lane Editing for MIDI, adaptive snap to grid, improved navigation, a new tutorial area, adjust multiple faders, solo and mute in the mixer and more.

See the Propellerhead site for details.

9 thoughts on “Propellerhead Reason 10.2 Now Available

    1. Would sort of defeat the purpose of the racks. Cant even image the full layout of the racks being scalable. Then maybe everything would look bland like the Ableton or Bitwig UI. Some of the flavor is in the layout and design of those racks. FL studio spent all that time making everything vector and scalable and pretty much a waste IMO.
      Functionality is always better than reimagining your software to be “more modern”. Modern doesn’t make sounds. The new players, CV capabilities, Blocks, and endless arsenal of reasonably price extensions, and updates improving the software, etc, are always better than everything else. Sorry, got emotional:)

      I could use more scalability on the piano roll and audio tracks:)

      1. I too love all the updates and exciting new things that have been added. But regarding device zooming, the point isn’t making it modern, it’s making it usable. The knobs on these things are super tiny on modern screens. But that isn’t the worse part, the it’s incredibly difficult to read the writing on the the devices.If they made it so that I could select a device and zoom it to width, I’d be over the moon. I don’t care if it looks pixelated.

        1. Didn’t think about that, good point. I have multiple monitors with one vertical for the racks and I have the resolution on extra large. I do some tweaking to presets but a lot of cv modulation and routing through the combinator. I rarely initialize a patch since the presets are always a good starting point but I get it.
          I bought a Mackie C4 for that reason.

    2. long time former reason user. i think reason sounds great and is fun in many ways. but the user interface and sequencer is very tedious and the zoom function in the sequencer is just not for me any longer. I really hope reason continue to make there devices vst like the europa . i would like to still support work with some of there devices but the program as a whole is not for me any longer

  1. i would love dr octorex as a max for live plugin 🙂 reason sounds great but the interface has become very cluttery for my needs. still have much respect for them . would love to see more of there decives as vsts or max plugins.

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