PSP Intros 15 Modules For Voltage Modular has released 15 modules for the new Voltage Modular virtual synthesizer platform, developed by Cherry Audio.

PSPaudioware’s 15 modules fall into two categories: classic effects modules and creative modules that use algorithms from their multi-effect plug-in PSP N2O. According to the company, ‘every algorithm has been adapted, tailored, and expanded to take full advantage of the extraordinary possibilities offered by the modular format and flexibility of the Voltage system.’

The initial release of modules includes:

  • PSP Spring – three classic spring reverb emulations
  • PSP Plate – three classic plate reverb emulations
  • PSP Space – three classic room reverb emulations
  • PSP Delay – digital delay with tape emulation and pingpong features
  • PSP Chorus – four voice stereo chorus
  • PSP Flanger – stereo flanger with manual control
  • PSP nitroFormant – dual formant filter
  • PSP nitroEnveloper – dual envelope follower
  • PSP nitroLFO – LFO with a choice of ten waveform or derived waveform
  • PSP nitroPhaser – phaser with up to 32 stage order
  • PSP nitroLoFi – continuously variable bitcrusher with presets
  • PSP nitroBQF – two parallel filters
  • PSP nitroSVF — dial state-variable filters
  • PSP nitroComb — two channel comb filter
  • PSP nitroPitch — dual pitch shifter

Pricing and Availability

The PSP Modules are available individually or in one of three bundles. Until the end of October PSPaudioware is offering the bundles for the following discount prices:

  • PSP Classics Modular Collection ($49)
  • PSP nitroModular Collection ($69)
  • PSP Ultimate Modular Collection ($99 for all the modules)

5 thoughts on “PSP Intros 15 Modules For Voltage Modular

  1. I try not to complain about things I didn’t invest my time or money into making.. However, after owning Reaktor, Softube Modular, a large eurorack system and then getting on with VCV rack I don’t fully understand the thought process behind a “closed door” modular software when VCV rack is open source, has a huge collection of free and paid professional modules, sounds great and interfaces amazingly with outboard gear in easy and or complex ways.

    I was at a loss why Softube started selling Mutable instrument module’s for their system due to VCV having both 3rd party modified ports of MI modules as well as actual ports of their products. Including newer modules such as Marbles and Plaits via the $20 charity project. However, i’m open to the idea i’m completely missing the mark.

    Just seems that everyone wants to squeeze pennies out of the modular wave before it pops with little care or understanding of reality.

  2. These guys have a long uphill climb ahead of them when VCV Rack is giving away the platform for free and charging much lower prices for plugins. Voltage Modular also seems to be going for a 1990s softsynth look which looks incredibly dated and obsolete these days. It’s like a product from 15-20 years ago.

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