Moby Selling His Massive Drum Machine Collection To Raise Money For Charity

Moby and are auctioning his massive drum machine collection to raise funds to support Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine.

“I’ve always been a little obsessed with drum machines. In fact, I’ve always been a lot obsessed with drum machines. Over the years, I presumptuously believe that I have come up with the largest collection of analog drum machines in the world,” explains Moby.

“There are hundreds of them and I loved each and every one of them,” he adds. “I hope that, if you buy them, you love them as much as I did. Please take care of my babies.”

Reverb also shared this mini-history of the drum machine, featuring gear from Moby’s collection:

For more information, see the auction site.

10 thoughts on “Moby Selling His Massive Drum Machine Collection To Raise Money For Charity

  1. Cool dude, heart is in the right place…..I don’t agree with him giving carnivore animals (cats, dogs [dogs can survive off of plant based diets but not thrive]) vegan diets. Like I said cool, dude….good values just know some things we cant fix until we get replicators (like from Star Trek) I love old analog drum machines. I have the Wurlitzer Swinging Rhythm I got for free since it is broken, need to get around to trying to fix it. Bought an EP from Moby’s shop before, hope to get one of these machines, I would use ot not just ” collect ” lol.

    1. Are you serious? They feed carnivores a vegan diet? That’s cruelty to animals. Can you feed vegetables to drum machines? Why not? …. Exactly.

        1. As a vegan for the last 7 years, and a vegetarian for nearly 22 years prior to veganism, your ignorance on the subject is astounding. My brother’s and I successfully competed for years on on ‘all natural’ body building circuits as vegans, and with the advancement of science and a better understanding of nutrition, the worlds most elite athletes are either vegan or vegan during competition seasons.

          I am a proud member of PCRM and I laude Moby for his activism and dedication to the plight of animals. As for his dogs, protein is protein and therefore the source is inconsequential in terms of nutrition. Yet how it is derived is not! My dogs have had vegan Gardein fried cod, and as an Englishman that was reared on a steady diet of fish & chips, I can’t tell the difference and I doubt they can as well. The meat substitutes today are virtually indistinguable!

          Real animal abuse are starving dogs and cats at these breeding mills, the entire dairy, beef, and the assortment of meat industry consortiums that operate with grotesque disregard for the welfare of animals as their business model.

          Educate yourself or just trying reading for a change before you open your mouth or write and remove all doubt the absence of thereof!

          1. Dogs are carnivores, cats are obligate carnivores. Think of it this way. Our bodies are designed to digest plants and animals, plants we are best evolved to digest, the long tract is needed for that. Longer than is needed for meat but must be this way to digest plants. Dogs and cats to not have this long tract. Due to evolution, dogs have the ability to get some nutrients from plants but the shorter highly acidic tract is set up for meat digestion. Plants can supplement, like how we can still get by on junk food…but they dont get the full nutritional value from plants as they could from meat. Now cats are have almost no ability to digest plant based matter, it’s like us if we ate grass, it would pass through with negligible benefit. Cats are obligate carnivores and need a whole prey diet, and raw. So much nutrition is lost from cooking meat and makes it harder for them to digest. Feeding a dog a vegan diet is abuse and feeding a cat a vegan diet is torture.

            What we need to develope is a way of artificially generating or growing meat/organs from scratch. Without the brain or concious. That is the future. No living thing deserves death, animal, plant, or other. I nyself could never kill any living thing, even a plant. I cry when I am forced to mow the lawn. Like Moby, your heart is in the right place….but you are misguided.

            Possibly you could feed your animals the bare building blocks in their pure form derived from plants….but feeding them plants is a waste. Have naturally vegan animals, like guinea pigs.

            I have worked in the hollistic pet food industry for a few years, for reference.

            I wont be getting any more pets personally because I don’t believe in having pets, I believe in their freedom to live autonomously.

            And a side note, if I had to kill anything…plant or animal to survive, I would die. All life is equal to me. My life is no more important than theirs. Just because we cant feel and see what plants go through does not mean they are any less of a being.

            Sorry for ranting but this is how I feel. We do need to remove the auffering and torture from our meat industry, all animals should be free range, not killed, and only eaten when died of old age….just as should be the way with plants. I know this is an extremist view… its how I feel.

            Sorry for the typos, its glitching out and wont let me fix them (using mobile)

  2. You Go! Moby.

    Play still resonates some of the most soulful electronica.

    God moving over the face of the waters : Beethoven, Handel would been honoured to have composed.

  3. You barely make sense therefore I will not address much of what you have written. If you cannot make the discernment between living being that have a central nervous system and those that don’t then this is simply not worthy of discussion. I personally do not feed my dogs a vegan diet however to claim it as abuse for someone doing so is steeped in such ignorance and misinformation that it is beyond the scope of this discussion. To equivocate one with the other is false intellectualism at best and I will refrain from calling it what it is at worst.

    What cannot be mitigated is Moby’s generosity of spirit and noble act!

    1. Mod6 has good strong vocabulary. Dogs are great and deserve yummy food. Drum machines from Moby are better than both of those.

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