12 thoughts on “Moog One Synthesizer Sound Design

    1. I’d have to save a long time to get this thing. Hopefully moog will not dicontinue it as it has done with the phatties and minimoog line

      1. The Little Phatty lasted eight years and the Voyager 14. If you can’t swing $250/month for two years you have time to save up.

    2. Naaa… I doing it this way — this thing costs less than just 2 months of engineering school for my daughter, and that is in-state tuition! It’s not expensive — it’s like 3 alimony payments.

  1. These are not that expensive when you see them as musical instruments. Look at a Selmer Reference tenor 36 or 54 for example. About the same prices.

    1. I agree completly. I play bass and I would love to have a Fodera. Roughly the same price as this synth but not a single extra feature than a 1000 fender or a 300 squier which are very good “working man”basses

  2. Think this new Moog One, including the triple Eventide multi FX is a great synth. Do especially like the non-standard Moog sounds in it. It looks too similar to the Memory moog, which is not a compliment as far as im concerned. Pricing is narcistic and arrogant. Very much do like the One introduction video, but have huge doubts that these “sound design” beginner videos are going to be a great help in sales. Do have other, for me more interesting, stuff on the wish list.

    1. Narcissistic and arrogant?
      The Memorymoog was 10,000-guilders in 1982, which is the equivalent of 9000-euros today.
      You’re getting a far more superior product now, with a ton more features, more voices and most of all with completely reliable internals, which the MM never had.
      Don’t forget you are really getting THREE synths in one – they are totally independent of each other.
      With the purchasing power we have today compared to 1982, this is an absolute total bargain.
      It’s all about putting things into perspective.
      If you look at what was available in 1982 compared to what’s available now, we should really change our attitudes towards feeling so entitled.
      It’s pretty flippin’ incredible that Moog still exists and is yet again setting the benchmark.

      1. Narcissistic and arrogant for the price? Maybe. How ’bout outdated technology priced out of the reach of most musicians. I don’t care what a Memorymoog sold for in 1982. Synthesis was still in its infancy. For 8 grand today I could get an 88 key Yamaha Montage, DSI P12, a Studiologic Sledge, and a Roland Tr8……or this. This machine is overpriced and will only sell to those who have money to burn. For the rest of us, there are affordable, high quality options, like the ones I just listed. Sheesh!

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