Music From DNA – Prelude in ACGT

Created by Pierry Jaquillard at ECAL (Media and Interaction Design Unit), Prélude in ACGT is a project that explores making music based on DNA.

The project uses Jaquillard’s own DNA (chromosome 1 to 22 and XY) and converts it into music.

Jaquillard uses JavaScript- based web-based applications, running on several iPads. He used a MIDI Library for JavaScript to generate MIDI signals that are passed into Ableton Live to play the electronic sounds.

The MIDI file then can also be recorded, exported and then generated as musical score in other music notation software.

via CreativeApplications

5 thoughts on “Music From DNA – Prelude in ACGT

  1. Before anyone gets too excited, the data has been constrained to a scale, so that basically means it’s a non-random melody in a diatonic scale. OK.

    I know people won’t have much patience for it, but it can be interesting to allow the type of data to influence things like the scale, rhythmic system, etc. Perhaps DNA is not a good example, but perhaps the octave could be divided differently, or things could be made into chords, etc.

  2. Cool. With the same dna you could make music based on dna sequence, codons and exons, gradually changing from genotype to phenotype. How your basic information structure sounds? How does your expressed imformation sounds (the real you?)? How does you cancer sounds?

    1. Italian to English Translation:

      It seems that dead cells generate noise. While organic life generates periodic harmonic frequencies.

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