6 thoughts on “3 Gymnopédies (Erik Satie) Arranged For VCV Rack Modular Synthesizer

  1. Hmm, I can’t agree that this is great (or even ‘nice’) at all. Given the power of synthesis available here from VCV, there really isn’t much of a variation going on, and I’d say the piano version to my ears is far superior just because the dynamics from a piano are far better suited to the simplicity of Satie’s original pieces. It’s actually quite boring being what sounds not much more than a square-wave and some reverb. Will the real Tomita please step forward?!

  2. in the endless flood of “electronic music” which is mostly made up from 1 to 4 chords on endless repeat and filters&arps&automation, this was a well made and refreshing take on those classics.

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