Cherry Audio Adds New Super LFO To Voltage Modular

Cherry Audio has updated Voltage Modular with Super LFO, a ‘mondo-powerhouse LFO’.

It can be used as a standard cycling LFO, or as an envelope generator in “one-shot” mode, and it includes a built-in sync divider with reset input for  sync to DAW projects.

It also offers custom waveshaping flexibility: with seven controls, a real-time display, and extensive CV control.

The new module is free for all Voltage Modular users and has been added to the Voltage Modular ‘Core Package’.

Details are available at the Cherry Audio site.

2 thoughts on “Cherry Audio Adds New Super LFO To Voltage Modular

    1. They’d be smart to make it possible to use they’re module builder with VCV – extend that platform with professional tools and also make it easy to port VCV modules to Voltage. The presence of the MI modules in VCV is a defining feature of that platform.

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