Roland Beat Sync Maker Streamlines Making Music Videos On iOS Devices

Roland has introduced Beat Sync Maker for iOS, a video editor that automatically detects the beat of music performances and lets you add tempo-synced video effects.

It’s not designed for detailed video editing, but instead for quickly adding beat-synced effects to videos. Beat Sync Maker can automatically detect the beats in a performance and add a range of custom video effects that stay in time with the music.

You can choose a movie on your device and then select one of five visual effect types while the movie is playing back. The onscreen slider can adjust the depth of an effect to alter the look, and you can switch among different effect types to create variations.

Beat Sync Maker’s 2-Video Mix function allows video content clips to be cut in as well, making performance videos more interesting. There are 18 stock clips to choose from, and you can also import your own video clips.


  • App automatically detects the beats in music videos with ABS (Auto Beat Sync) technology
  • Users can choose from five visual effects types and apply the timing they want during playback
  • Users can easily adjust the effect depth with an onscreen slider
  • 2-Video Mix function allows users to cut in movie clips from their iPhone/iPad camera roll; 18 pre-installed movie clips included
  • Free version exports videos up to 30 seconds long; full export functionality available with an in-app purchase or connection to GO:MIXER PRO or GO:MIXER
  • App is compatible with iOS 11 and later

It’s available now via the iOS App Store.

4 thoughts on “Roland Beat Sync Maker Streamlines Making Music Videos On iOS Devices

  1. It’s not really ready for prime time (imo) but it’s a clever idea with potential. I hope Roland lets their developer run with it for a bit. More effect algorithms (can probably be purchased by Roland if needed) and a little more investment in the 2-video mix functionality and I think they’ll have something useful for which folks will pony up some scratch.

    A little further would be to allow for the user to set up an, egad, *sequence* of effects and then apply those as a loop over the video. Sorta like a drum machine’s song mode where you could set the effect and the length. Perhaps a little automatic per-sequence-variation on the effect depth…

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