FeelYourSound Releases MelodicFlow for Logic Pro X (AU)

FeelYourSound has introduced MelodicFlow for Logic Pro X.

MelodicFlow is a MIDI performance and song-writing plug-in, designed to create and play basslines, hooks, and melodies quickly.

It has previously only been available as a VSTi plug-in, for Mac & Windows With the new AU version, Logic Pro X users can use it in their projects as well.

Here’s how it works:

  • Connect MelodicFlow to another instrument inside your DAW.
    (Logic Pro X: Insert MelodicFlow in the MIDI Effect slot of a track. Then add an instrument in the Instrument slot.).
  • Send chord notes to MelodicFlow on the lower octaves. This way the plug-in knows which harmonies are important for your song.
  • Pick one of the seven operation modes and choose a scale (over 300 scales available).
  • Now play on the white keys of the higher octaves. Depending on the operation mode MelodicFlow will automatically convert these keys to harmonic notes that fit to your chords and the chosen scale.

Pricing and Availability

MelodicFlow is available now for US $45 / 39 EUR. Enter “melodic15” at the checkout page to get a 15% discount (valid until 2018-11-20).

6 thoughts on “FeelYourSound Releases MelodicFlow for Logic Pro X (AU)

  1. I’m a ‘producer’.

    I can’t play an instrument
    I don’t actually own an instrument
    I can’t read music
    I don’t undertand basic music theory

    I have a hard drive full of pre-recorded loops and samples
    I know how to color by numbers
    And now I have MelodicFlow (or whatever it’s called…)
    Listen to me ‘produce’

    1. That’s not very nice. I’ve been making music for >>20 years, am great at engineering, good at music theory, I practice, but although I can hear scales pretty well I have terrible trouble identifying the key of a song or complex chords, and over many intervals I have trouble telling whether pitch direction is going up or down. This is a neurological condition called dysphonia, and it’s just as real as dyslexia or color blindness.

      I don’t think I’m in the market for this tool but it might be useful for people like myself that are not able to resolve every note we hear in real time. Your snide remarks are no different from people who say that drum machines are for people with no rhythm (not true) or that sequencers and loopers are ‘cheating’ – or indeed people who complain about accommodations for the blind or those who must use wheelchairs.

      Yay for you if those abilities come easy to you but please keep your mean attitudes to yourself.

  2. So now musicians don’t need to play, understand, or interpret music at all… really???? This software needs destroying a lot more than the printing press did… But no one is doing it.

  3. And synthesizers will replace orchestras, drum machines will replace drummers, spreadsheets will replace accountants.

    How much you submit your creative will to a tool like this is up to you. I like stuff like this because it can help me hear new things when I run out of ideas. I don’t think you’re just supposed to accept what the software comes up with and release it as a single.

    1. ” I don’t think you’re just supposed to accept what the software comes up with and release it as a single.”

      Yeah?… because that never happens? I agree with you in that how much you sumbit to these tricks is up to you… And I am the first to admit – I’m no graduate of Julliards … I truly wish I was but I’m not so it takes me ages to work things out or discover by sheer accident, things that would be simply ABC to a musically literate person…. I wish I knew more and could play better but I persist and eventually get there.

      What gets my goat is that stuff like this just cheapens the medium… a mutual friend gave me a track that he was working on but he had reached a dead end and needed help finishing the track… the ‘composition’ (and I use the term very, very loosely) was nothing more than a series of pre-recorded loops all endlessly playing in synch … there was a couple of drum/perc loops, a bass loop, some keyboard riff and some sort of mangled vocal rap… I’ll have one of these, one of these, that one and this one here… hey presto … I’m now a ‘producer’ and here’s my new track.

      The ‘track’ (as serious as he was about it) was nothing more than a sketch doodle… complete junk.

      Pressing the shutter on a camera or a phone doesn’t make you a photographer… opening a packet and throwing it in the microwave doesn’t make you a chef… I know this sound arrogant and I apologise for sounding so up myself… I just think that writing music is perhaps the purest form of art… (hey kids – when you write music, you’re actually composing… not producing)

      I once heard it described as the purest form because it’s not representational… it just is… it’s great that people can now access all sorts of gizmos to get their music out there but stuff like this?… please… for those who heavily rely on this sort of stuff just remember that all you’re doing is playing with a toy… the musical equivalent of throwing stuff in the microwave or heating a tin of beans … you’re not a producer/composer/musician… you’re just coloring by numbers.

      OK – end rant – time to go and sit under my pyramid and chill.

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