Realitone Updates Fingerpick With More Patterns, Nylon String Option

Realitone has released a major update for Fingerpick, its guitar virtual instrument.

Fingerpick can be played in the normal way by playing the “blue keys,” but what makes Fingerpick special is that you can trigger the Pattern Player (now with 60 styles to choose from) by playing chords on the “green keys.” The pattern player will follow the progression you play. With the yellow keys (keyswitches), you can switch pattern styles in the middle of the pattern or even in the middle of the bar.

Here’s what’s new in Fingerpick 2.0:

  • The number of patterns has double to 60, and now includes 3/4 and 6/8 patterns.
  • New Latch mode, so you don’t have to keep holding the chords.
  • New knock and squeak samples, and even a ‘Auto-Squeak’ mode.
  • New mixer page so you can adjust volume and EQ for each string, as well as pan, for a stereo spread.
  • There’s also an optional nylon string expansion, and you can mix and match strings.

Here’s an overview that covers the basic functionality of Fingerpick:

Pricing and Availability

Fingerpick 2.0 is available now, with an intro price of US $89 (normally $129).

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