Stephen Horelick’s ‘Droplets Collide’, On The Buchla 200e, In 3D

Sunday Synth Jam: Composer Steve Horelick shared this live Buchla modular performance, Droplets Collide.

Here’s what he says about it:

This live, 3D performance features me, Steve H (aka Stephen Horelick composer of Reading Rainbow), playing the Buchla 200e.

These sound gestures and timbres are then processed, sometimes looped and surround panned (using Fibonacci ratios) in Logic Pro X. Of course this is YouTube so this is a stereo mix!

3 thoughts on “Stephen Horelick’s ‘Droplets Collide’, On The Buchla 200e, In 3D

  1. This is real music making. This blows away all of the “bleep and bloop” videos that I see on youtube. Would like to hear about the technical details- how many oscillators does this have? Is he using loop pedals? What modules in the Eurorack world would generate triggers in Fibonacci sequences? etc, etc.

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