How To Splice Audio Tape Loops

German ambient artist Hainbach shared this video, exploring his approach to creating audio tape loops for his work.

Here’s what he has to say about the video:

I have been wanting to create a tape loop collage by hand for a long time. Here is my first effort using the Telefunken M15 tape machine, a pad/drone from the Roland Juno60 and SH02, a Fender Rhodes, a Bechstein M10 piano and a ride cymbal.

Note: Hainbach’s approach is tailored to his needs – not to traditional studio tape editing. If you know of other tutorials or demos on audio tape editing, leave a link in the comments!

Update: Hainbach shared a second video on the subject. The second video incorporates suggestions and feedback from viewers and explores some old-school tape editing techniques that are good to know, if you’re interested in using audio tape:

One thought on “How To Splice Audio Tape Loops

  1. Thanks or the feature! I already got a wealth of feedback to that video that I will work into a follow up. In the meantime I urge everyone to check the comments, there is good information there.

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