VCS-Inspired XILS 4 Updated

XILS Lab has released a free update for its VCS4-inspired software synth for Mac & Windows, XILS 4 v1.5.

The XILS 4 emulates a prototype that was never released, the EMS VCS4, based on two intricate and interacting VCS 3 (Synthi) cores.

Here’s what’s new in XILS 4 version 1.5:

  • New XILS 4 Preset Manager: The new, integrated, one window, Preset Manager (NPM) is a major step in PolyM evolution that allows you to perform different tasks very quickly, with great visual feedback and comfort.
    • Find & load the best preset for your track in seconds with multicriteria search engine.
    • Save and Save As presets with tags (and create your own tags)
    • Batch Tagging of any multiselection of presets
    • Export & import multiselection of presets (Projects, Tracks, Live Act)
    • Favorites Presets & selective view mode (show only favorites, hide unwanted presets)
  • The new XILS 4 Modular Effects Block: New natural sounding Reverb. The routing of the Effect Block was also revamped from scratch, you can now route any effect in any order, and choose to process only the Right or Left synthesizer modules with any effect in the list.
    • Natural sounding Reverb Engine
    • Process Right or Left synth, or both, with any effect
    • Change the order of the effects by selecting the source input
    • Where you had only one possibility of routing in the previous versions, you have now dozens of possibilities, like adding reverb on the chorus, or choose to chorus your reverb.

Pricing and Availability:

XILS 4 v1.5 is available now for 99,00 € through Dec 10, 2018 (normally 179,00). It’s a free update for existing owners.

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