String Studio VS-3 Now Multitimbral

Applied Acoustic Systems has released String Studio VS-3, a software synthesizer in which a collection of string oscillators replace the traditional VCOs, DCOs, and operators as the main sound source.

The physical modeling oscillators consist of picks, bows, and hammers interacting with a modeled string. String Studio VS-3 augments this with a soundboard, classic filters, an envelope generator, a LFO, and studio-quality effects.

“String Studio VS-3 is now multitimbral,”  says Eric Thibeault, product designer at Applied Acoustics Systems. “Combining two independent String Studio synthesis engines opens up a whole new world in terms of content. We’ve also added per-layer modulators that allow sound designers to make sound variations an integral part of the design process. Most importantly, a huge effort has been put into the factory library to exploit all these new possibilities. Each and every sounds were fine-tuned to provide a consistent gain-stage, unity-gain effects, better dynamics, and compelling MIDI-controlled sound transformation assignments.?”

The String Studio VS-3 plug-ins run on both Windows and Mac OS X in 64-bit host sequencers that support the VST2, VST3, Audio Units, AAX Native, and NKS formats.

Pricing and Availability

String Studio VS-3 is available now, with a 50% discount through Jan 21, 2019 (normal price US $199). Upgrades for String Studio VS-1 and VS-2 registered users are priced at $79.

One thought on “String Studio VS-3 Now Multitimbral

  1. AAS makes very musical VIs.

    Nice to see the tuning maps (via scala) added. This makes good sense with this VI.

    Also cool to see the integrated effects.

    Looks like AAS is half-off these days. The update was on sale as well.

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