Synthetic Sound Labs Reissues SampleCorder Module

Synthetic Sound Labs has released its new 1451 SampleCorder module – an update of their original 1450 SampleCorder.

The 1451 SampleCorder module is a Dotcom-compatible 5U module, designed as a tribute to Jean-Jacques Perrey and the early musique- concrete pioneers.

Here’s what SSL has to say about the module:

The SampleCorder is designed around a vintage ISD2560 analog voice recorder chip. A compander chip is added to reduce noise and improve clarity. The overall fidelity is audibly much better than simple 8-bit samplers.

Each 1451 module can hold two audio samples, each from a few milliseconds up to a several seconds. Each sample can be independently triggered manually via a panel mounted button, or by a gate pulse. Once triggered, the sample will play to the end of the sample and stop. If the gate signal is still present, the sample will repeat for as long as the gate is applied, though premature retriggering or early truncation of a sample is not possible. Samples are stored in non-volatile memory, so power loss should not affect the memory.

Sample playback speeds may be adjusted from normal, to nasty sounding clicks and buzzes, to nearly one octave / double speed above recording speed with a convenient front panel “Pitch” control.

Pricing and Availability

The Synthetic Sound Labs 1451 SampleCorder module is available now for US $345. See the SSL site for details.

4 thoughts on “Synthetic Sound Labs Reissues SampleCorder Module

  1. SSL also has a 5U version of the Radio Music module, which is another sample player.

    Does anybody know why you’d want this module over the Radio Music?

    1. This is pretty different from the Radio Music:

      * this only gets samples by recording via “In”; Radio Music only gets samples from SD card
      * this stores 60s total record time (at the sample rate recommended in the ISD2560 datasheet); Radio Music can hold hours and hours
      * this can’t “retrigger” samples; easy to do with the Radio Music

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